Monash Association of Debaters


Basic Strategy

So you think you can debate?

If you’re looking to learn about debating or just improve your basic skills then you’ve come to the right place. Debating and speaking for 7/8 minutes is initially a very scary thing to do but with some practice and pointers (trust me we all started somewhere), you can master that fear and get over your first obstacle. Even world champions had to start from nothing.


Introduction to Debating

This was a presentation given in 2014 that provides a good overview of what university debating is. This introduction covers the basics of how different debates should play out and what arguments can be run.


Introduction to BP (British Parliamentary) Debating

Europe and WUDC have chosen BP as the style they prefer. MAD uses this style in semester 2. If you’re coming from a background of 3v3 there are some jarring changes which take a little bit of time to get used to. These two videos provide an explanation of changes between the two styles of debating (left video) and also some more advanced tactics you can aim for as you debate in this style (right video).