Monash Association of Debaters


Volume 11


Editor in Chief: Mary Nugent
Associate Editors: Andrew Connery, James Kilcup, Madeline Schultz, Zola Valashiya
Publication Manager: Sam Whitney
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Volume 11 was launched on December 15th. This edition is the largest MDR published to date featuring one of our best collections of articles from contributors across five continents.

Under the editorship of Mary Nugent the Review harnessed the debating community’s renewed focus on equity with a suite of articles exploring the  treatment of women and minorities in the intervarsity community. Through both empirical and personal perspectives authors make a range of observations and offer suggestions that should be of interest to anyone involved in collegiate debate. This edition also features pieces covering the experiences of  debating societies and communities throughout the world and considers the value of various modern conveniences such as speaker tabs and information slides.