Monash Association of Debaters





Here we offer an outline of some of the main competitions MAD participates in.
If you are a member of MAD, look out for announcements about the upcoming tournaments and subsidies to go to these tournaments!


MAD Mini: 15-17 Feburary

MAD Mini is MAD’s premier mini. It is held at the beginning of the year which reflects what MAD is like as a club (cute, really keen and a little out of place!).

It gets people back into 3v3 by having 8 minute speeches (without those extra bits that look nice but have no depth - replies). While also maintaining POIs so people can slowly wean themselves off the ability to annoy people during speeches.

If you’re looking for a tournament where you can debate or have nice food (for a mini!) or meet nice people and enjoy MAD culture then you’ve come to the right place. We offer that and much more!

Mad Mini 2019.jpg


The Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships (Easters): 18 - 22 April

Easters is the first major intervarsity in the year, and a great opportunity for members new and old to become involved. More formally known as the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championship, it attracts competitors across the country for a few days of debating, friends and fun!

Easters ia a tournament dedicated to the development and enjoyment of novice debaters, and as such, all teams must be comprised of at least two novices, defined as someone who has debated at less than two Easters, and not debated at Australs or Worlds. The tournament is held every year around the Easter holiday period.

The Easters debating format consists of three speakers per side, giving 8 minute speeches.

Easters this year will be held by UNSW in Sydney! - See here for more info

Australs: 1 - 8 July

Australs consistently attracts the biggest contingents of Monash debaters due to the high quality accommodation, exceptional socials and top class debating. Held in the break between semesters 1 and 2 each year, the tournament brings together 400 students from across the Asia Pacific region.

It is similar in style to Easters, with 3 speakers per side giving 8 minute speeches, but there are also 4 minute replies (first neg then aff) given after the substantive case.

Australs 2019 will be held by NUS in Bali! - See here for more info



VIc Cup: 17 - 18 August

Vic Cup is an intermediate tournament aimed to help people who are new to BP learn while older debaters adj and provide feedback. If you’re looking for a fun environment to learn about BP and meet people then come along for a few debates with great motions.

MAD shares the responsility of running this tournament with MUDS. This year we will be running it!

This tournament has an elgibility criteria: If you have broken at Australs or Worlds you are inelgible to debate (please come and adj!)

The Australasian Women’s Debating Championships (Women’s): 20 - 23 September

Women’s is a BP pro-am tournament (where one experienced person is paired with one inexperienced person), so it’s an excellent opportunity for any female to get involved regardless of their skill level or experience with the different format. Women’s has a great reputation for being super fun tournament. It also attracts a very high adjudication quality and participants often find themselves improving significantly from the experience.

Wom*ns this year is held by Macquarie in Sydney! - See here for more info



The World University Debating Championships (Worlds): 26 December - 5 January

Worlds is the most prestigious debating tournament in the world. Held in the British Parliamentary style, Worlds brings together a diverse range of students from all continents of the world. Held over the New Year period, it is a highly exciting and large tournament.

Worlds 2020 will be held in Thailand! - See here for more info