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How we can help.

The Monash Association of Debaters (MAD) provides exceptionally high quality debate training to students participating in any competitive debating, including, but not limited to, competitions run by the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV).

Our range of high quality coaches have expertise on a wide range of topics and debate tactics, and we can organise training programs to meet the individual needs of schools on request. All of our trainers are experienced debaters and adjudicators who have competed at the highest level levels of competitive debating around the world. MAD has won the Australasian Debating Championships four times in the past ten years, and recently won the 2013 World University Debating Championships in Berlin, Germany, for the third year in a row. Many of our coaches have been highly successful at high school also, with members of the state team, DAV finalists and winners, international champions in debating and public speaking.

We not only offer year long coaching programs to schools, but training applicable to public speaking programmes, internal school debating competitions, as well as regional competitions like the Junior Secondary Programme (JSP). We also offer adjudication at independent competitions at highly competitive rates.

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