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Monash Association of Debaters


Welcome to the Monash Association of Debaters:

The largest and most successful debating society in the Southern hemisphere. MAD has a rich history spanning over 50 years, and we are passionate about building on this legacy. Based at the Monash Clayton campus, MAD's 500+ members are always looking to create a welcoming and engaging debating community.

Monash remains the first and only debating society to ever have won the World University Debating Championships three times in a row.


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What does this website offer?


We aim to provide a conclusive database on all things debating. Our debating resources (whether it be videos, training manuals or articles) are open to everyone to use. Please use and engage with them for your benefit. All we ask is that you properly credit MAD if you use them in a more public context.



Debaters at MAD are always looking for ways to give back to the wider community. We welcome any opportunity to help foster a love of debating among school students. We offer exhibition debates, training sessions/days, team coaching and competitions judged by a fantastic pool of Monash debaters.

Home of the MADdies

If you are a member of MAD (aka a Maddie!) or are looking to join the MAD debating community, then you have come to the right place! This website is for the service of the club with updates about upcoming tournaments and social events that everyone is highly encouraged to participate in.


MAD’s Archive

This site also holds a large and sprawling archive of past MAD content and ephemera from newsletters and past debates to training manuals and even past editions of the Monash Debating Review.


MAD has a long and strong relationship with businesses and Monash University. MAD is a forum for some of the best and brightest from Monash to discuss contextual issues and debate policy concerns. We host major public debates on campus and run prestigious debating competitions.


Public Events

We frequently host public debates, in the hope we can spread the intellectual thrill of debating with more people.



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