Welcome to the Monash Association of Debaters: the largest and most successful debating society in the Southern hemisphere. MAD has a rich history spanning over 50 years, and we are passionate about building on this legacy. Based at the Monash Clayton campus, MAD's 500+ members include the current and former World and Australasian Champions.

Latest News

Post Mid-Semester Break

What a break it has been, especially with Easters and all that. Congratulations to all teams and adjudicators in this exciting tournament, especially:
Monash 7 (Beatrice Paull, Laurel Trinh, Prithi Rajiv – Octo Finals)
Molly Dale (DCA)
Andrew Belyea-Tate (Grand Final judge) and
Nikhil Puppala (Breaking judge)

However, everyone should be immensely proud of their efforts they have put in into debating. Looking retrospectively from the commencement of the tournament to the end, it is undeniable that there has been so much improvement and many friendships made in the progress. We hope that this sustains throughout the rest of the year!

Other important news to cover: SORENSEN REGISTRATIONS are still live! The internal tournament has been pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances. Build up your team and enter either the open or novice category! There is something for everyone! The regulations can be found under the internal tournament schedule part of this website. Link to registration is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CfXsb-1WqPB6nMHpZnWN4YhL8lQGeH7l4wx8B_95OT8/viewform?c=0&w=1

Moreover, get excited for Regressive! On the 15th of April, we will be kicking off the debate right from the adjudication and desserts! Then slowly reach the start like some psychological thriller mystery film, but funny! It will feature Shara Teo as the chairman and Andrew Elder as the adjudicator. For the affirmative, there’ll be Nathan Steinkoler, Beatrice Paull and Andrew Moore. For the negative, it’s Amelia Kearney, Albert Ho and Mary Pirozek. More info can be found through the Facebook group and page.

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Easters Update

The Australian Intervarsity Debating Tournament (also simply known as Easters) is right around the corner, going on from the 27th to the 31st of March). It will be held this year at our neighbours Melbourne University! We are very proud to announce our contingent and wish them well for the tournament!

Alex Lawrence, Gabby Stolzenhain, Subi Ramesh

Amy Gilbertson, Mary Pirozek, Andy Downie

Allan Quanchi, Tanaya Joshi, Andrew Moore

Andrew Elder, Martha O’Hagan, Judith Apte

Reece Hooker, Ryan Ahern, Karan Luthra

Peter Vicary, Harrison Jones, Murphy Bong

Beatrice Paull, Prithi Rajiv, Laurel Trinh

Shara Teo, Nicholas Campbell, Ashwin Agarwal

Amelia Kearney, Natasha Pace, Steven Dickson

Keefe Chan, Laura McArthur, Boris Lam

Albert Ho, Emma Buckthorpe, Seamus Horan

Nathan Steinkoler, Glenn Donahoo, Joshua Sim

Freya Rich
Shourye Dwivendi
Maria Angelica Arteaga Jaime
Mayank Adlakha
Rohan Waring
Wallace Huang
Kelvin Ng
Keith James
Joseph Nguyen
Sophia McNamara
Joyce Li
Andrew Polus
Carlo Spada
Paul Vrazas
Rhea Navani (Independent)
Ovindu Rajasinghe (Independent)
Andrew Belyea-Tate (Independent)
Thomas Stansfield (Independent)
Molly Dale (DCA)

Also special thanks to Andrew Belyea-Tate, Shourye Swindi, Swetha Prahabkaran, Rhea Navani and Molly Dale for dedicating a large portion of their time to being in the Selections Committee! There was huge amount of members signing up for trials and everyone should be congratulated for their efforts. There are other exciting debating opportunities coming up for those who trialled, namely President’s Cup and the Two Week Novice Program. Be on the watch on the calendar for when they come!


In other news, it has been lovely seeing new members participate in the training program that our member training officer Allan Quanchi has devised. If you have any feedback, please send your opinions to training@monashdebaters.com.

Commencement Picnic has also been a wonderful event, seeing many new and old faces alike for an evening of friends and fun. Special thanks to Ovi, our socials officer for ensuring everyone had a great time. If you have missed out on this event, do not fret – there will be more social events throughout the year!

Also note that the Sponsorship Contract is available for public viewing through the members section of this website. It is a requirement to perform certain activities should you wish to receive sponsorship for Australs and Worlds (Get on it before it’s too late!). If you would like to know your progress this year, please send an email to Albert through webmaster@monashdebaters.com.


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The University Year for 2016 Commences!

We, at MAD, would like to welcome back returning members for the new university year and also warmly welcome anyone wishing to join our fantastic association. It has been a busy start to the year with tournaments such as Thessanoliki Worlds and MAD Mini keeping us keen debaters occupied. What an amazing effort everyone has been putting into debating!

Speaking of MAD Mini (which concluded very recently), we would like to congratulate Alessandra Chinsen, Chris Skliros and Henry Hamilton for being this year’s champions! What a wonderful show that they have put on!
We would also like to commend the convenors (Keith James and Sameer Sharma), the CAs (Sam Scott and Molly Dale), tab directors (Angie Arteaga and Phil Belesky) and all volunteers involved in running this wonderful tournament.

For those who wish to join our organisation (or perhaps you just want to see the lovely exec), you can find us at our MAD stall during Orientation Week from Monday the 22nd to Thursday the 25th. This will be at the Clayton campus of Monash University, specifically in stall C9 (in the middle of Lemon Scented Lawns, north of Campus Centre). We will be there from 11am to 3pm on each of those days. Come say hello and ask anything you want about the club. We would love you meet you!

Furthermore, our next proper social event, Commencement Picnic and Drinks, is planned for Saturday the 19th of March. Save the date! Though, watch out for our weekly Monday night meetings and training sessions (location soon to be confirmed) to start when school resumes. It will be a great way to catch up with old buddies and meet new people.

Enjoy the last week of holidays and let us kick off the school with with a blast!

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End of Year News

It is almost the end of 2015 and what a year it has been! MAD congratulates all members for their hard work and devotion towards debating. After seeing success by way of reaching finals in highly competitive tournaments, in both debating and adjudicating prowess, we are proud of those who really uphold the principles of what it means to be a MADdie. Just a few announcements keep you in the loop:



The World Universities Debating Championship is returning for another year, promising high quality debates from the top representatives around the world! It will be held over New Year’s from the 27th of December to the 4th of January 2016. Flying in to the other side of the world to Macedonia University in Thessaloniki, Greece, here are MAD’s ambassadors:

Andrew Belyea-Tate
Thomas Stansfield

Andrew Elder
Beatrice Paull

Stephen Moore
Shara Teo

Liam Tomlinson
Amy Jack
Amy Gilbertson
Nikhil Puppala
Gen Li
Peter Vicary

We wish them all the best!
(Note: You will be able to follow a livestream of our debaters through our Twitter account)

Also, be on the lookout for the exclusive MAD Mini. This fun mash-up of traditional 3v3 style with POIs will surely start the debating year with a bang! We anticipate that it will be held in February, more information to be published on the MAD website and Facebook page. Stay tuned for our classic MAD Mini promo video!

MAD hopes that you all have a wonderful end of year holidays! We also can’t wait to see both new and familiar faces show up next year to kick off the debating season.


MAD Mini dates have been set for the 19th – 21st of February 2016. You may find out more info and follow any updates in the following link to the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/803058796469199/

In the meantime, enjoy this highly amusing promotional video:

Furthermore, our debaters have arrived in Greece! We hope that they have an exciting start to the WUDC!

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Mid Year Update



With Semester 1 in the books, a semester filled with exciting socials, fantastic debating and all-around general merriment, MAD would like to thank everyone who has been involved this semester. The executive feels that this semester has seen a significant new member base take an active role in Monday night and Wednesday Night training sessions, as well as tournaments, and feel that this has been a great success for the Club!

Importantly, MAD has sent an amazing contingent to SolBridge Australs in Deajeon, South Korea, with debates starting on July 17th. The full list of partcipants is as follows:

Beatrice Paull
Andrew Elder
Andrew Belyea-Tate
Molly Dale
Stephen Moore
Sam Scott
Tom Stansfield
Amy Jack
Nikhil Puppala
Ambika Wakhlu
Reece Hooker
Amy Gilbertson
Shara Teo
Wallace Huang
Keefe Chan
Britt Jeffs
Sameer Sharma
Liam Tomlinson
Gen Trinh
Alex Lawrence
Peter Vicary

Freya Rich, Rohan Waring (ind.), Vidya Datta, Hayley Sorel, Ovindu Rajasinghe, Sarah Christie

The Executive wishes them the best of luck for the tournament, and for those who would like to follow their progress throughout the tournament, results will be posted on the MAD twitter account.

Hope to see everyone in Semester 2!

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A New Year!

Welcome Back MAD website

As the university year gets back into the swing of things, so does the Monash Association of Debaters!

We like to offer a  big welcome for this year’s Executive, including the illustrious Andrew Elder as President and the industrious Andrew “BLT” Belyea-Tate as Vice-President.

Our Monday night sessions are starting back up, 5pm in the Law basement and 5pm on  a Wednesday in the MAD Office. Additionally, we will be running the Novice program for the second year, which aims to cater for all novices who come by the club, s.

Things to look out for in the first semester are; the Easters sign up form, DAV Presidents Cup and Commencement Drinks!

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