Results and Tab

A big congratulations is in order for UQ 1’s Kristen Price and Emily Chalk for winning the Grand Final! A video of their exploits is online now! Watch it here.

The full Speaker Rankings and Team Standings are now available, and you can see the top speakers from the tournament below. Please note that the tab does not account for ironmanning or replacement swing debaters, and they have simply been incorporated into the main speaker score.

Top Speakers

  • Ninth – Sasha Lytas, Brontë Lambourne and Rebecca Barrett
  • Eighth – Alex Downie
  • Seventh – Emily Chalk
  • Sixth – Gemma Buckley
  • Fifth – Colette Mintz and Kristin Price
  • Third – Kelly Butler and Nina Ubaldi
  • First – Joanna Connolly
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