Training Handbooks

MAD Member Training Handbook

MAD Training Handbook 2010.pdf

This is the ‘course reader’ for MAD’s training sessions this semester. It is is compilation of many of the following debating guides. Each chapter roughly corresponds to a training session and will be referred to in member training sessions.

Australia-Asia Guide to Debating


This is an introductory debating resource that is also extremely useful for adjudicators. It outlines the official rules of debating. It is the handbook of the DAV. Edited by MAD alumnus Ray D’Cruz.

Training Guide for University Debating: Tips, Tactics and First Principles

Tim Sonnreich’s Guide.pdf

This is an excellent resource for debaters who already are comfortable with the rules and are looking for ways to take their debating to the next step. Written by 3-times Australasian Debating Champion and MAD alumnus Tim Sonnreich, this is an invaluable resource for intermediate debaters.

A Guide to First Principles for ideas junkies


Also by Tim Sonreich, this guide helps explain the way first principles can be used to create a powerful foundation from which to build cases. It gives three examples of the level of depth one needs to acquire in order to be able to effectively use first principles in debates.

Schools Training Handbook

Advanced Schools Training Guide (2012 edition)

MAD’s schools training handbook. Can be useful to review the basics of debating, and is a great resource for coaching.