Tournament Topics

Easters 2013 (Griffith University)

Round 1:

  • That access to state schools should be means tested
  • That we should, in the context of a limited budget, halve the number of teachers and their pay should be doubled
  • That we should ban children from participating in reality television shows

Round 2:

  • That left-leaning Australians should vote for the Greens
  • That Australians should be able to call a by-election for their local electorate if a significant number of constituents sign a petition
  • That the Australian Labor Party should immediately replace Julia Gillard with Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister

Round 3:

  • That we should not give development aid to countries without population controls
  • That South Korea should pre-emptively strike North Korea
  • That we should support Obama’s use of drones in the war on terror

Round 4:

  • That Australia should cut taxes on income and profits in remote communities
  • That severely indebted nations should take money from the bank accounts of their citizens to pay for the nations’ debt
  • That employees should be able to permanently opt-out of union membership in return for higher wages

Round 5:

  • That people who go on killing sprees should be given the death penalty
  • That the state should financially compensate all people found not guilty at trial
  • That early guilty pleas should not result in sentence reductions

Round 6:

  • That transgender people should form a new movement separate to the gay and lesbian movement
  • That individuals should be able to opt-in to legally enforceable, permanent bans from vice activities (e.g. smoking, drinking, gambling, soliciting prostitution, viewing pornography)
  • That local communities should be allowed to censor media consumed in their area on the basis of their moral or political beliefs


  • That home births should be banned
  • That custody of children born to mothers under 16 should go to the baby’s grandparents
  • That we should abolish foster care


  • That we should cut military aid to Saudi Arabia until they liberalise policies towards women
  • That the invasion of Afghanistan has done more harm than good
  • That it would be better for Palestinians to be absorbed into neighboring Arab states than to continue to fight for a homeland


  • That feminists Christians should leave their church if it is sexist
  • That we should ban religions from advocating self harm as a form of penance
  • That the Catholic church should choose to elect its pope by a popular vote of all church going Catholics


  • That we would grant the Northern Territory to Indigenous people as an independent nation
  • That it should be illegal to publically argue that the Stolen Generation was beneficial or justified
  • That the government should not grant Native Title rights to Indigenous groups that do not select their leaders democratically