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WUDC 2014 Results

The Monash Association of Debaters would like to offer a huge congratulations to all of the teams and adjudicators who attended this year’s WUDC! All three teams from Monash broke to the finals, with Monash C making it through to the Quarter Finals ahead of Monash A and B’s unfortunate defeat in the Octos. Monash A’s James Beavis and Gemma Buckley were ranked 3rd and 2nd best speakers respectively at the tournament.

MAD’s adjudicators also had huge success, with Andrew Belyea-Tate, Andrew Elder, Fiona Prowse, Madeline Schultz, Melissa Matteo and Rebecca Irvine judging the finals. A big congratulations also to the other adjudicators at the tournament, who all judged great rooms consistently through the tournament.

MAD would also like to congratulate Harvard A, Berlin A and Bandung A as World Champions for 2014. A final congratulations, however, must go to Chris Bisset and Elle Jones for not only reaching the Grand Final, but also being ranked fourth and first best speakers respectively.

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