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Monash wins Worlds … again

For the third consecutive year, Monash University has won the World University Debating Championships. Monash B, consisting of James Beavis and Nita Rao, took out the Grand Final after breaking 48th overall at the tournament in Berlin. James was also named the ‘Best Speaker in the Grand Final’ by the Honorary Judging Panel.

Monash C and A also broke, progressing to the Double-Octo and Quarter Finals respectively. Melissa Matteo, Amit Golder, Kiran Iyer, Victor Finkel and Dominic Guinane were also invited to adjudicate the finals series.

Monash’s debaters also achieved considerable success in the individual speaker rankings, with Nita Rao, Madeline Schultz and Chris Bisset ranking 10th, 4th and 1st overall.

The Monash Association of Debaters now stands alone as the only debating society to win Worlds three times in a row, having won 5 out of the last 14 Championships since its first win in 1999.

A big thanks to the entire contingent, especially those unlucky enough not to break, and as well as those debaters not attending the tournament who popped in to celebrate.

Here’s to an excellent 2013.

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