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Mid Year Update

Now that the federal election has passed, our members can once again fully devote themselves to debating! What better way to do this than going to the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships 2016, held at the University of Western Australia (which has kicked off today). Having already competed in numerous minis such as ADAM, our members are ready to show everyone what we’ve got!

Again, here is the list of our fantastic MAD representatives who will do us proud for the tournament as both debaters and adjudicators!

Andrew Elder, Beatrice Paull, Andrew Belyea-Tate
Molly Dale, Sam Scott, Amy Gilbertson
Rhea Navani, Amelia Kearney, Andy Downie
Keefe Chan, Kelvin Ng, Rohan Waring
Laurel Trinh, Freya Boppha Rich, Martha O’Hagan
Peter Vicary, Ovindu Rajasinghe, Alex Lawrence
Mayank Adlakha, Ryan Ahern, Maria Angelica Arteaga
Tanaya Joshi, Andrew Moore, Judith Apte
Daniel Liebrich, Joshua Sim, Steven Dickson

Joseph Nguyen
Emina Besirevic
Boris Lam
Sophia McNamara
Gabby Stolzenhain
Andrew Polus
Glenn Donahoo
Jessie Lu
Debbie Clark

We wish everyone the best!

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Easters Update

The Australian Intervarsity Debating Tournament (also simply known as Easters) is right around the corner, going on from the 27th to the 31st of March). It will be held this year at our neighbours Melbourne University! We are very proud to announce our contingent and wish them well for the tournament!

Alex Lawrence, Gabby Stolzenhain, Subi Ramesh

Amy Gilbertson, Mary Pirozek, Andy Downie

Allan Quanchi, Tanaya Joshi, Andrew Moore

Andrew Elder, Martha O’Hagan, Judith Apte

Reece Hooker, Ryan Ahern, Karan Luthra

Peter Vicary, Harrison Jones, Murphy Bong

Beatrice Paull, Prithi Rajiv, Laurel Trinh

Shara Teo, Nicholas Campbell, Ashwin Agarwal

Amelia Kearney, Natasha Pace, Steven Dickson

Keefe Chan, Laura McArthur, Boris Lam

Albert Ho, Emma Buckthorpe, Seamus Horan

Nathan Steinkoler, Glenn Donahoo, Joshua Sim

Freya Rich
Shourye Dwivendi
Maria Angelica Arteaga Jaime
Mayank Adlakha
Rohan Waring
Wallace Huang
Kelvin Ng
Keith James
Joseph Nguyen
Sophia McNamara
Joyce Li
Andrew Polus
Carlo Spada
Paul Vrazas
Rhea Navani (Independent)
Ovindu Rajasinghe (Independent)
Andrew Belyea-Tate (Independent)
Thomas Stansfield (Independent)
Molly Dale (DCA)

Also special thanks to Andrew Belyea-Tate, Shourye Swindi, Swetha Prahabkaran, Rhea Navani and Molly Dale for dedicating a large portion of their time to being in the Selections Committee! There was huge amount of members signing up for trials and everyone should be congratulated for their efforts. There are other exciting debating opportunities coming up for those who trialled, namely President’s Cup and the Two Week Novice Program. Be on the watch on the calendar for when they come!


In other news, it has been lovely seeing new members participate in the training program that our member training officer Allan Quanchi has devised. If you have any feedback, please send your opinions to training@monashdebaters.com.

Commencement Picnic has also been a wonderful event, seeing many new and old faces alike for an evening of friends and fun. Special thanks to Ovi, our socials officer for ensuring everyone had a great time. If you have missed out on this event, do not fret – there will be more social events throughout the year!

Also note that the Sponsorship Contract is available for public viewing through the members section of this website. It is a requirement to perform certain activities should you wish to receive sponsorship for Australs and Worlds (Get on it before it’s too late!). If you would like to know your progress this year, please send an email to Albert through webmaster@monashdebaters.com.


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Mid Year Update



With Semester 1 in the books, a semester filled with exciting socials, fantastic debating and all-around general merriment, MAD would like to thank everyone who has been involved this semester. The executive feels that this semester has seen a significant new member base take an active role in Monday night and Wednesday Night training sessions, as well as tournaments, and feel that this has been a great success for the Club!

Importantly, MAD has sent an amazing contingent to SolBridge Australs in Deajeon, South Korea, with debates starting on July 17th. The full list of partcipants is as follows:

Beatrice Paull
Andrew Elder
Andrew Belyea-Tate
Molly Dale
Stephen Moore
Sam Scott
Tom Stansfield
Amy Jack
Nikhil Puppala
Ambika Wakhlu
Reece Hooker
Amy Gilbertson
Shara Teo
Wallace Huang
Keefe Chan
Britt Jeffs
Sameer Sharma
Liam Tomlinson
Gen Trinh
Alex Lawrence
Peter Vicary

Freya Rich, Rohan Waring (ind.), Vidya Datta, Hayley Sorel, Ovindu Rajasinghe, Sarah Christie

The Executive wishes them the best of luck for the tournament, and for those who would like to follow their progress throughout the tournament, results will be posted on the MAD twitter account.

Hope to see everyone in Semester 2!

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Week 2 Update

Hope you’ve had an enjoyable first week back! Welcome to all our new members for Semester 2. We look forward to seeing you all at H2 this upcoming Monday the 4th of August for Member Training.

Training Sessions

If you weren’t able to attend this Monday’s training session, don’t worry; not only will be uploaded later this week (and you can catch all of our previous sessions on the Monash Association of Debaters Youtube Channel), you can still catch the Wednesday matter session on ‘Islam and the Middle East’ with Amy this Wednesday at 5pm in the MAD Office.

British Parliamentary Pro-Am

Sign-ups are now open for MAD’s introductory British Parliamentary tournament! Running on Monday nights in Weeks 3 & 4, this Pro-Am is a great opportunity for debaters new to the British Parliamentary style of debating to be paired up with a more experienced member to be taught its nuances.

You can use the Pro-Am sign-up form now, or contact our Internals Officer Andrew with any questions you have.

Alumni Trivia Night

All club members (current and past) are invited to participate in the best and biggest alumni event of the year – the Trivia Night! It will be held on Friday the 15th of August at 6 pm, at the Local Hotel in Port Melbourne (at the end of the 109 tram line).

In addition to the excellent trivia, there will also be a silent auction and a raffle, to help fundraise for the club.

You can check out the Alumni Trivia Facebook Event for more details, or RSVP right away using the Alumni Trivia Night sign-up form. Please email our Member Services Officer Bec with any questions!

Upcoming Competitions

It’s getting busy in the debating circuit! There are lots of competitions (large and small) being held in cities all around the country this semester, and they’re all great ways to improve at debating.

Some of the popular options include: The Australasian Womens Debating Championships (Women’s), Vic Cup, UNSW IV and ANU Spring.

If you are new to debating or are trying BP style debating for the first time, MAD recommends Vic Cup or Women’s. New debaters will be paired up with more experienced mentors to develop a better understanding of BP style.

For those interested in Womens, sign-ups for trials are open now for novices and pros. Sign-ups will close on Monday the 11th of August.

Please contact our Externals Officer Sasha with any questions!

Bain Sponsorship Opportunity

MAD is proud to present the Bain True North Scholarship for Women.

The scholarship is open to penultimate year female students in Australia and NZ. Applicants have the chance to win a $15,000 cash scholarship, a Bain mentor, and the opportunity to be selected as 1 of 10 people to attend a Bain workshop focused on achieving their full career potential (including the option of starting that career in management consulting at Bain). Applications for the scholarship will close on the 15th of August.

You can check out the Bain Scholarship Flyer for more information!

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Week 4 Update

First-Year Party

We were remarkably close to booking out a McDonald’s for a kid’s birthday party, but instead we’ve decided to go with Fun City for MAD’s First-Year Event. It starts at 7pm, and will include 3 hours of laserforce, sumo suits, dodgem cars, bowling and plenty of other fun activities, with a BBQ dinner included. Tickets are $15 for first years and $25 for non-first years, and will be available at the Monday meeting or at Member Training. Fun City is located at 234 Ballarat Rd/Western Hwy Braybrook, and we’ll probably have some carpooling organised (the nearest public transport is Tottenham Station). If you can drive, or need a lift, please let Gemma or Scott know when you buy your tickets.

Executive Vacancy

The MAD Executive is looking to co-opt a member of the club to join the Executive as the new Publications Officer. The role comprises of three elements:
– Publishing Silvertongue: Silvertongue is MAD’s main publication, and the role involves sourcing, proofing, editing and collating articles into a presentable magazine. There are numerous copies of old Silvertongues lying around the MAD office, or you could ask some of the previous Silvertongue Editors (Nita or Mel Birch) about their experiences. Sourcing articles is usually the hardest part, as it involves pestering people until they actually write something.
– Liaising with the MDR Editorial Committee: The Monash Debating Review is MAD’s peer-reviewed academic journal on debating, published annually. This year the Editorial Board is comprised largely of people from overseas, and thus there is a need for a dedicated liaison between the MAD Executive and the Editorial Board. The Publications Officer will mainly be required to monitor the Board’s progress, and report this to the Executive.
– Publishing the Alumni Newsletter: MAD has recently established an Alumni Network, and a central part of this will be the publication of an Alumni Newsletter to keep ex-MADdies informed about what MAD is doing, what upcoming events they are invited to and other ways they can be involved in the club. The Publications Officer will be responsible for ensuring that the newsletter is produced at least bi-annually (probably in email form but potentially in hardcopy as well), as well as providing content for the Alumni Network page and acting as a point of call for any inquiries Alumni may have.

For those interested in applying, send your application to monash.debaters.president@gmail.com, outlining why you want to join the MAD Executive and why you would like to be Publications Officer, as well as the skills you could bring and any other relevant experience. Applications close Sunday 16 August.

Pro-Am Grand Final and BP Adjudication

This Monday will see the culmination of MAD’s first BP Pro-Am tournament. Come along to the Monday meeting to support the four teams in the final.

That evening, we’ll be running a session on BP adjudication, which will be useful for people wanting to learn more about adjudicating and will hopefully also help people new to the style understand it a little better. With four teams and consensus adjudications, things are a little bit more complicated than the usual style of adjudication most people would be used to from the DAV or Australs.

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