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Sorensen Internal Debating Competition

For weeks 8, 9 and 10, MAD will be hosting the Sorensen Internal Debating Competition! This means that while Wednesday matter sessions will continue to run, Monday nights will now feature two rounds of intense 3-on-3 debating!

Teams may be composed of no more than one ‘Experienced’ debater, and must contain at least one ‘Novice’. The criteria are as follows:

  • Experienced: Broken at Australs or Worlds as a debater
  • Intermediate: Attended Australs or Worlds as a debater
  • Novice = All others

Registration has now closed, but if you would like to join a team for any of the rounds, you can email our internals officer Andrew.

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Martin Sorensen Memorial Competition

After three weeks of gruelling rounds the Martin Sorensen Memorial Competition drew to a close with a hard fought finals series. Breaking to the semis were Tom Hvala has a mature age friend featuring Nisha Dutta, Sasha Lytas, Gen Trinh and Tom Hvala and Two Beatrices, no time for Stephen starring Beatrice Paull, Beatrice Duong and Stephen Moore.

Making it through to the Grand Final were Use your face (and other parts) responsibly featuring Gemma Buckley, Katy Moore and Sam Scott who narrowly lost a tense final to the 2013 Martin Sorensen Champions Britt Jeffs, Luke McGreevy and Sam Whitney of team We’re Already Naked.

Speaker Prizes were claimed by Britt Jeffs (Best Novice), (Best Intermediate), (Overall Best)

Former Worlds and Australs Champion and Life Member Amit Golder delivered the annual Memorial Oration and it was fantastic to see Martin’s story and values passed onto the next generation of MADdies.

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