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Ordinary General Meeting

Don’t let the name fool you, MAD’s very exciting first general meeting for the year will be held next Monday May 13th at 5pm (further details have gone out in Tastebud prior). We require over 50 members to make quorum and thus are encourgaging all MADdies to attend and have their say on the club’s management.

If you cannot attend the OGM, the Executive urges you to submit a proxy to vote on your behalf, not only does this help the club make quorum, but allows you to have your say as well.

Procedure for Proxies
Any ordinary club member (Clayton student) can hold a proxy for one other club member. You may nominate your proxy either by emailing the Club Secretary or by completing the online Proxy Request Form. We kindly suggest that, as a member can only hold one proxy at a time, you check in advance with the person you are providing a proxy to or provide a list of alternatives. If you cannot find someone to hold your proxy, we’re happy to help by providing a matching service (maybe a dinner date to follow?) and this can ba arranged by emailing the Club Secretary.

MAD thanks you for your assistance in helping fufill this vital club function.

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