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2018 Mid-Year Update!!!

We bring you an update on MAD’s progress throughout the beginning of 2018!!! So far we have attended two major tournaments and hosted the annual tournament MAD Mini (Which was a very good tournament, all should come for a chill debating start to the year in 2019!!!). All members should be proud of how they have done so early in the year and be excited for all the opportunities and events coming up for the rest of the year!


Easters 2018 (Held at the University of Sydney, over the mid-semester break)

Laura Gilbertson
Katie Polus
Debbie Clark

MAD 2 
Mollie Ashworth
Stephanie Vesel
Gabby Good

Boris Lam
James Pan
Richard Huang

Lia Diamantopolous
Alisdair Gurling
Vishrut Pande

Gabby Stolzenhain
Caroline Li
Arman Riazati

Mary Pirozek
Cree Oliveira
Michael Patrick

Andrew Moore
Anita Nair
Pravind Easwaran

Liam Tomlinson
Danigan Keecha-Milsom
Deepak Manchikanti

Andie Downie
Maria Chamakala
Isobel Orford

MAD 10
Joshua Sim
Iam Kabil Felix
Alexander Tashevski-Beckwith

Glenn Donohoo, Tamika Chikulin, Andrew Polus, Steven Dickson, Ian Kabil, Mahi Joshi, Amy Liu, Wen Wong, Laurel Trinh, Daniel Liebrich
Nikhil Puppala (IA)

Congratulations to all teams on another fantastic Easters! You all did MAD proud and came so much closer as a contingent. All of you should be extremely proud of how much you developed and how well you performed at your first university tournament!!!

A further congratulations are needed for Andrew Polus, Nikhil Puppala and Laurel Trinh for all breaking as adjs!!! (Well done on Nikhil paneling the grand final and Andrew Polus for paneling the semi-final!!!!!!) Each of you should be very proud of your efforts at the tournament and best of luck for the rest of the year! Well done to Mary tabbing in the top 10 pro speakers at the tournament!!!!!

Molly Dale, Keefe Chan, Joseph Nguyen, Amy Liu, Tamika Chikulin, Glenn Donahoo
Thank you all for giving up so much of your time to listen to the novices give their speeches and then to pair them up into teams with pros. Considering the amazing and wholesomeness this year in each of the teams, it was a job very well done. Helping MAD be the best contingent at Easters (let’s be honest it was not ANU in the slightest, we were robbed)
Thank you especially to Keefe Chan for coming back to help out with the club at Easters, having older debaters coming back to help is always very appreciated!


WUDC 2018

Molly Dale
Mary Pirozek

Andrew Moore
Alex Lawrence

Daniel Liebrich
Amy Liu

Joseph Nguyen, Tanvi Gokhale
Stephen Moore (IA)

Congratulations to MAD A for breaking 31st and then making it to the Quarter Finals (can find the double Octo’s debate here – https://youtu.be/TakS5GOKwL4 – Apologies for the bad camera work and heavy breathing!). Furthermore, congratulations to Stephen for breaking as an Adj!!!

All teams should feel very proud of how they did at the tournament. All were very competitive and held their own against the world to represent MAD on the world stage!

Sam Whitney, Bec Lew
A big thank you to both of the selectors coming back after so many years to help us out in trialing teams!!! We appreciate all the time you spent out of your weekend to watch debates and help us form teams.

MAD A: 18 points
MAD B: 14 points
MAD C: 11 points


MAD Mini 2018

To start the year off in style MAD always holds its MAD mini. Its a nice quirky 3v3 tournament with POIs to get the debating energy and theme for the year started on the right foot. We hope all participants had a huge amount of fun (at what was I hope a very well catered tournament, with some yummy food?) and had a weekend well spent before uni begins again.
Congrats to Jess Musulin, Phil Gracen, and Stuart Dixon for winning the Grand final!
Thank you to our wonderful CAs Alex Paterson, Annie Hazelton and William Berthelot for a fantastic tournament with excellent motions!

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