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Rest of Semester 1 (2018) Events!

Semester 1 may be winding down but that does not mean MAD is slowing down!

Week 8 to Week 10
MAD holds one of its main internals over the next few weeks. Grab a couple of friends and form a team of 3 for exciting 3v3 action.  Sign up here!!! – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1SV4dK6ra-Jdn4ySQ_d0t1eUr8UTSuqNOC5qoXLp17vAgZg/viewform
There are two rounds during week 8 and week 9  training (instead of the usual training session and then debate) with grand finals for the novice and open category in week 10.
Form your team, have fun and win!!!

Regressive (or is that Regressives?)
27th of April
Location TBC
This is MAD’s biggest social of the year and is not an event to be missed! Regressive is a MAD tradition where the entire debate is held backwards, starting at the adjudication and then going on to 3rd neg before ending at 1st aff.  The food will follow a similar pattern, first years bring dessert,  older members bring mains, second years being entrees/sides and alumni (or the ancient ones bring bevs). This is a night where memes that stand the test of time will be created, bevs will be drunk and members will be roasted!
Find the event here – https://www.facebook.com/events/770242099991252/

In Malaysia from the 27th June to 5th July is the biggest Australasian 3v3 tournament.
See the facebook page for details – https://www.facebook.com/malayaaustrals2018/
MAD will be holding trials in the next few weeks. Look out for posts on our facebook group for details on how to sign up!

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2014 Annual General Meeting

MAD’s Annual General Meeting is coming up, and we need you to help us out! The AGM is where we elect our Executive for 2015, vote on amendments to the Constitution and have hours of fun at Monash’s own on-campus Cinema.

The details of the AGM are as follows:

Monday, 15th September
1.15pm, Campus Cinema
Campus Centre, Building 10, Monash University Clayton

For information on how to run for a position, voting, and proxies for the AGM, please visit the full 2014 Annual General Meeting page, or contact our Secretary, Swetha, directly.

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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Candidate statements now available here.
Meeting agenda now available here.

This Monday September 16th we’re very excited to be hosting our Annual General Meeting and 2014 Executive elections this year. This is your chance to elect (or even run) for the Exec and celebrate this year’s progress.

If you’re unable to make it to the meeting we’d love you to submit a proxy to vote on your behalf. This not only lets you have your say but also helps us make quorum (a vital and difficult requirement). Submit your proxy here.

Annual General Meeting of the Monash Association of Debaters
Monday 16th September 2013
Engineering Hall 4, Building 60, Clayton

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2013 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Meeeting agenda now available here.

This Monday September 16th we’re very excited to be hosting our Annual General Meeting and 2014 Executive elections this year. This is your chance to elect (or even run) for the Exec and celebrate this year’s progress.

If you’re unable to make it to the meeting we’d love you to submit a proxy to vote on your behalf. This not only lets you have your say but also helps us make quorum (a vital and difficult requirement). Submit your proxy here.

Annual General Meeting of the Monash Association of Debaters
Monday 16th September 2013
Engineering Hall 4, Building 60, Clayton

Election of the 2014 Executive

The following positions will be elected at this meeting:

Vice President
Assistant Treasurer
IT Officer
Seven Members Without Portfolio (MWOPs)

In previous years MWOPs have been assigned positions including: Socials, Externals, Internals, Schools Training, Member Training and Sponsorship.

To find out more about any of these positions you’re strongly encouraged to contact the current office holder.

Voting and Running

Any Clayton based student who has been a member of the club for 10 days prior to the meeting is eligible, and strongly encouraged, to run for any position on the executive and vote at the meeting.

To run for a position you may be nominated by two other voting members at the meeting (no advance notice is required). If more than one person is running for a position there will be a secret ballot and each candidate will have the chance to present a brief speech.

Candidates for all positions are also encouraged to submit a short candidate statement that will be distributed in Tastebud however this is not required to run for a position on the day.

Maximum speaking times and word lengths for optional candidate statements.

The election of positions will be in the order listed.

President 5 Minutes 500 Words
Vice President 3 Minutes 300 Words
Treasurer 3 Minutes 300 Words
Secretary 3 Minutes 300 Words
Assistant Treasurer 2 Minutes 200 Words
IT Officer 2 Minutes 200 Words
Members without Portfolio 2 Minutes 200 Words

Sam Scott has been appointed Returning Officer for this election by the Executive, please contact him if you have any questions.


If you are unable to attend the meeting you’re strongly encouraged to submit a proxy to vote on your behalf. This is extremely important because it allows you to have your say over important club decisions and helps the meeting make quorum.

Any voting club member may hold the proxy of one other eligible member. To proxy your vote please email your name plus the name of your proxy (you may list more than one preference) to the Returning Officer by 12pm the day of the meeting. If you cannot find someone to hold your vote, Sam will happily find someone for you so please be in touch.

Agenda and other meeting business

To place an item on the agenda to be discussed at the meeting please send your agenda item(s) to the Secretary at least two days prior to the meeting. If you wish to propose a constitutional amendment this requires additional procedures detailed in the Club Constitution.

Candidate Statements

The following are statements submitted by members seeking to run for positions at the 2013 Annual General Meeting. Please note you’re not required to submit a candidate statement in order to run for a positions on the executive.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Returning Officer Sam Scott.

Sam Whitney

Sam has a six point plan for MAD next year but he can’t remember it. Sam was created by a group of curly haired mad scientists long before any of you were born. He had a blood feud with Beavis before it was cool, knew Victor Finkel when he was straight and has alienated at least three of Stephen’s former lovers. He remembers when hashtags were just part of a McDonald’s breakfast and filters were things made out of old Metcards, now he wants you to let him run the club.

A technical error designated him the ‘looks’ of the smarts and looks MelMat/Swhitney ticket but next year he promises an amazing club. Priorities include capitalising on a local Easters to bring in large group of first years, using our resources to fund increased participation by less experienced debaters and at smaller tournaments. He’ll revamp member training to keep it engaging throughout the entire semester and aim to curb the steady drop off rate by focusing on retaining 2nd/3rd year members. He’ll prioritise social events while not relying on alcohol in lieu of interesting activities (he reluctantly accepts what works for him doesn’t work for everyone else).

Sam’s dedication to MAD has involved him settling down with the MADdie he met at his first social (she’s also quite attractive) and his political manoeuvring was exemplified by then slowly edging her out of the club. He has served as club Treasurer over two years, that oversaw a 30,000% increase in funds retention, before tackling the MAD website as Webmaster overseeing an upgrade of the site to at least 2005 standards. Sam has Deputy Convened the first MAD Mini, edited Lot’s Wife, served the Organising Committee at Monash Australs, managed the Monash Debating Review and hopes becoming President will destroy the final horcrux allowing him to finally leave this university.

Sam asks you to vote for change you can believe in and also him.


Melissa Matteo

What Sam lacks in brains, brawn and boobs – Mel makes up for. As one of the more senior members of the club (read: old) she’s been around the traps for a awhile. Certainly, long enough to know how things work and how to run a tight ship.

Mel’s strengths include biceps, triceps and glutes. She is a proven leader, committed to the club and determined to make 2014 MAD’s best year yet. Having previously served as Publications officer, currently as Secretary, Socials Director of Monash Australs 2009 and Women’s 2011, as well as unofficial Easters Fun Commissioner, she’s really good at organising things and has been heavily involved in the Club.

Keen on balancing out Sam’s ‘keeping teams even and fair’ concerns with her own ‘I want to win shit’ concerns, Mel wants to encourage and enable all Maddies to debate to the best of their best abilities, have the opportunity to go to as many tournaments as possible and enjoy themselves. 

Priorities for next year include:

  1. Ensuring that Monash Easters is a giant success
  2. Achieving higher rates of novice retention
  3. Making member training is informative, educational and consistent
  4. Ensuring exec member feels supported in their role
  5. Winning shit

Please vote for her 🙂


Andrew Elder

I sat down for some good old fashioned introspection the other day and came to a disturbing realisation. I came to Monash in the summer of 2012 a bit scared of what I’d seen and heard of university debating, and had no intention of getting involved in this weird club called MAD. Unfortunately for me, just attending Easters turned into just adjudicating ADAM turned into just partying at Australs into just a trip to ANU into staying up at night to watch Beavis of all people debate at Worlds. Against my best interests I’ve become a MAD tragic and now I feel the need to give back to the club that I’ve gotten a lot out of. More specifically, I think I’m best suited to be the treasurer for a couple of reasons. I’ve got mad sick skills at both mathematics and excel and have no hesitation in attacking people to receive receipts – these are things I’ve judged as important from past treasurers. I’m organised and diligent, so people can be sure that things will be done on time. If elected, I would ensure that all audit related organisation is completed monthly, so there doesn’t have to be a slipshod job done at the last minute. Finally, and as I’ve alluded to, I’m committed to the club and you can be sure that I’ll be at executive meetings, at tournaments, at Monday trainings and just generally available to get things done. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to come and ask me!


Swetha Prabhakaran

I would like to run for the position of Secretary. I’ve held the position of Secretary on a variety of different execs, both during my university years and at school, which have equipped with relevant experience in this portfolio. In particular, my previous roles have not only inculcated me with the skills for the job, but have also imbued with pertinent knowledge of executive structure. This position involves much liasoning, organising and collating, all of which I strangely enjoy doing. I am well-organised, and enjoy being on top of things, and would dedicate the necessary time to ensure that I do my tasks in a timely manner. To this end, I have chosen to contribute to the Easters 2014 logistics team, and look forward to being part of a well-run tournament. I’m passionate about MAD, and my sustained involvement in the club from the beginning is testament to that. Be it socials, or internal or external competitions, I enjoy attending them all, and am around almost every week at training. By nature, I’m fairly friendly and easy-going, and am used to working in tandem with others on executives. In terms of commitment, I understand the core components of the Secretarial portfolio, from conversations with previous office-bearers, and am certain that I can balance these with my academic load by efficient time management and prioritising. It will be an honour to be involved and I will definitely use this opportunity well by putting in more than the required time, effort and enthusiasm!


Nathan Steinkoler

Hi, I’m Nathan Steinkoler. You may know me from MAD Soccer, MAD Cricket, a whole stack of socials and (hopefully not) my actual debating. With your help I’d like to give something back to this great club that has done so much for me. I think the most important thing for the Assistant Treasurer is the ability to work cooperatively and loyally with the Treasurer and other Executive members, ensuring the Executive can fulfil its objectives. I stand ready to assume all the tasks the Treasurer, and any other Executive members, wish to delegate to me and to participate fully in Executive meetings and MAD events. For what it’s worth, the political philosophy I bring to the position is the same as former Treasurer Wayne Swan’s: what would Bruce Springsteen do?

In the spirit of my favourite movie: help me to help you MAD, because I’ve got manners, I’ll show you the money and I’m all heart. #sorrynotsorry


Britt Jeffs

I’m Britt Jeffs and I will be running for an MWOP position. Despite being a first year I think I’ve shown great commitment to MAD this year, attending most Monday nights and competing in many intervarsity tournaments such as Easters, ADAM, Australs, ANU Spring and later this month, Women’s. I have leadership experience as President of the Student Council in High School, and have a wide range of organisational and administration skills obtained from working full time last year in my GAP Year. I was assistant events coordinator at a high school and thus hope to obtain the position of Social Officer as I feel I could make a great contribution in this role and plan some super fun and flawlessly executed events for 2014. That said, I think I could be equally valuable in roles such as Schools training (from my experience as a coach) or Sponsorship. For those who don’t know me I’m really approachable and if successful will aim to be a committee member that is receptive to different ideas and inputs from other members of the Club.

Bec Lew

My name’s Bec and I’m a fourth year MADdie. I’ve been part of two previous MAD execs as Socials Officer and Secretary and I’m running for an MWOP position in 2014. I’d be happy to take up pretty much any job as a MWOP but I’m particularly interested in Externals or acting as a Monash Liason/Sponsorship Officer.

Acting as Monash Liaison I would continue the tradition of Public Debate, but aim to further enhance MAD’s campus presence through smaller debates, involvement in charity drives and BBQs. I feel this is important in demonstrating our value to the University, our biggest and most important sponsor.

As Externals officer I would focus on supporting first years and novices that don’t gain an Easters team spot by making them feel included during Easters practice, and by providing them with a chance to debate with an experienced person at another tournament.

I am a passionate MADdie who watches Australs debates when holidaying in Turkey and who cried with happiness even when Beavis won Worlds. I love the club and I will work hard to make it a place that is both fun and supports the making of great debaters in 2014.

Alex Dehn

My name is Alex Dehn, and I’m running for an MWOP position this election. I’m particularly interested in increasing the culture of debating amongst incoming younger member. MAD is a wonderful club, and I love being a part of it, but it can be difficult for younger members coming in who are not established debaters to engage in the culture of the club. This is particularly true for those who were, like I was, unable to attend Easters.

I would prefer to be First Year Rep or Schools Officer. I think MAD loses out on a lot of possible club members through poor experiences in school debating. If we can increase the awareness and enjoyment of debating in schools, then we create a stronger base as a club for the future.

Regardless of whether I am elected to either of those positions in particular, I think I would be a good member of the MAD executive. I’ve had a lot of leadership experience over the last two years, both at school and working last year. I’m excited about being involved in leading the club; building and shaping us for further years of great success.

Sasha Lytas

MAD is a club and a community which I’m very proud to be apart of. I think we do many things well, but can always strive to do better. I’m super excited about a Whitney presidency which I think will provide a fresh opportunity to make positive changes which I would love to be apart of. My focus for being on the Exec and running for externals officer would be to prioritise recruiting and retaining members by providing a fun and supportive environment. I think I’ve got the commitment, mama duck skills and friendliness to be an excellent exec member and would particularly like to take on the externals officer role in a year where there is a big scope for driving participation (due to a home Easters and closer and affordable Australs and Worlds). I would hope to do this by implementing a more structured, supportive and sponsored externals system which builds on the tradition we already have of having experience members debating in Pro-Am teams. As a result, we would be able to provide an Easters style experience at both Easters and other tournaments that would support a minimum of 50 new novices in the club.

Tom Hvala

I’m running for Schools/First Year Rep on the exec for a few different reasons. The first is because I would like to be further involved in MAD to help run the organisation and further my own debating knowledge. Also, I have a lot of experience in communications with schools. I have coached debating at DAV level at Sienna and Scotch. Hence, I know the ideal requirements and commitments schools look for in coaches. I understand the interests of student coaches. From this, I would be a strong candidate to do the job efficiently and well. I am organised and am able to communicate well with both students and schools.

I am also interested in being the First Year Rep. Having taken a gap year, internally transferred and joined MAD this year, I understand the concerns first years often have with debating and university. I would be a great help to both first years and current members, ensuring unity in the association. In addition to what has already been established, I could organise more first-year based activities to assist with the transition from high-school to uni debating and lifestyle.

Liam Tomlinson

G’day guys! At the upcoming AGM I’m planning on running for an MWOP position. I’m running for this because I really want to increase my involvement in the Club and to bring some of my input to the MAD executive. In terms of my current involvement at the club, I was a member of this years Easters contingent, was part of Monash 7 for this year’s Australs in Malaysia, as well as in Monash teams at ADAM and ANU Spring. I’m also a regular attendee at Member training, so a relatively familiar face.

What do I think I would bring to the Exec? I’d like to think that I could bring a reasonable and measured opinion, organizational skills and more than anything else, an enthusiasm for the club and debating. In terms of what position I’d like to be in next year, my preference is Sponsorship officer, something that I’d be really enthusiastic about, and bring my organizational and salesmanship skills to. However, I would be more than open to being First Year or School’s officer on next year’s executive. Hopefully I can represent you all well on the next executive!

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Ordinary General Meeting

Don’t let the name fool you, MAD’s very exciting first general meeting for the year will be held next Monday May 13th at 5pm (further details have gone out in Tastebud prior). We require over 50 members to make quorum and thus are encourgaging all MADdies to attend and have their say on the club’s management.

If you cannot attend the OGM, the Executive urges you to submit a proxy to vote on your behalf, not only does this help the club make quorum, but allows you to have your say as well.

Procedure for Proxies
Any ordinary club member (Clayton student) can hold a proxy for one other club member. You may nominate your proxy either by emailing the Club Secretary or by completing the online Proxy Request Form. We kindly suggest that, as a member can only hold one proxy at a time, you check in advance with the person you are providing a proxy to or provide a list of alternatives. If you cannot find someone to hold your proxy, we’re happy to help by providing a matching service (maybe a dinner date to follow?) and this can ba arranged by emailing the Club Secretary.

MAD thanks you for your assistance in helping fufill this vital club function.

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