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Easters Update

The Australian Intervarsity Debating Tournament (also simply known as Easters) is right around the corner, going on from the 27th to the 31st of March). It will be held this year at our neighbours Melbourne University! We are very proud to announce our contingent and wish them well for the tournament!

Alex Lawrence, Gabby Stolzenhain, Subi Ramesh

Amy Gilbertson, Mary Pirozek, Andy Downie

Allan Quanchi, Tanaya Joshi, Andrew Moore

Andrew Elder, Martha O’Hagan, Judith Apte

Reece Hooker, Ryan Ahern, Karan Luthra

Peter Vicary, Harrison Jones, Murphy Bong

Beatrice Paull, Prithi Rajiv, Laurel Trinh

Shara Teo, Nicholas Campbell, Ashwin Agarwal

Amelia Kearney, Natasha Pace, Steven Dickson

Keefe Chan, Laura McArthur, Boris Lam

Albert Ho, Emma Buckthorpe, Seamus Horan

Nathan Steinkoler, Glenn Donahoo, Joshua Sim

Freya Rich
Shourye Dwivendi
Maria Angelica Arteaga Jaime
Mayank Adlakha
Rohan Waring
Wallace Huang
Kelvin Ng
Keith James
Joseph Nguyen
Sophia McNamara
Joyce Li
Andrew Polus
Carlo Spada
Paul Vrazas
Rhea Navani (Independent)
Ovindu Rajasinghe (Independent)
Andrew Belyea-Tate (Independent)
Thomas Stansfield (Independent)
Molly Dale (DCA)

Also special thanks to Andrew Belyea-Tate, Shourye Swindi, Swetha Prahabkaran, Rhea Navani and Molly Dale for dedicating a large portion of their time to being in the Selections Committee! There was huge amount of members signing up for trials and everyone should be congratulated for their efforts. There are other exciting debating opportunities coming up for those who trialled, namely President’s Cup and the Two Week Novice Program. Be on the watch on the calendar for when they come!


In other news, it has been lovely seeing new members participate in the training program that our member training officer Allan Quanchi has devised. If you have any feedback, please send your opinions to training@monashdebaters.com.

Commencement Picnic has also been a wonderful event, seeing many new and old faces alike for an evening of friends and fun. Special thanks to Ovi, our socials officer for ensuring everyone had a great time. If you have missed out on this event, do not fret – there will be more social events throughout the year!

Also note that the Sponsorship Contract is available for public viewing through the members section of this website. It is a requirement to perform certain activities should you wish to receive sponsorship for Australs and Worlds (Get on it before it’s too late!). If you would like to know your progress this year, please send an email to Albert through webmaster@monashdebaters.com.


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Easters 2014 Wrap-up

Easters 2014 is now over! A huge congratulations to our conveners Matt and Nisha for planning and running an amazing Easters 2014! The event was a huge success, with great topics, logistics and socials, and we wish Matt and Nisha all the best with their future endeavours.

A hearty thank you to our Chief Adjudicators James Beavis and Gemma Buckley for their dedication in taking on this demanding role, as well as the Deputy Chief Adjudicators Dom Bowes, Daniel Kirkby and Jessica Musulin.

To the team behind the scenes – the organising committee – thank you all for your planning, dedication and enthusiasm that made this event into the success it was. Our volunteers also deserve a special note – thank you for giving up your holiday to help out at Easters.

Congratulations to our contingent for their overall performance at Easters. In particular, Monash 8 (Stephen Moore, Kimberly Clarke, Keith James) made it to octo-finals, and Monash 3 (Andrew Gaulke, Sameer Sharma, Ninad Kulkarni) made it to quarter-finals. Congratulations are also in order for our breaking adjudicators: James Beavis, Rebecca Lew, Sasha Lytas, Nikhil Puppula, Madeleine Schultz.

A final special mention must go to Stephen Moore for ranking as the 5th best speaker, Beatrice Paull for ranking as the 9th best speaker, and Sameer Sharma for being the best Monash novice. Congratulations all around!

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Easters 2014

Easters, more formally known as the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships, will be the first major competition for 2014. Held in a different city every year, it attracts debaters from all over the nation for a week days of debating, and much fun! As a novice tournament, all teams can only have one experienced member at most. It is thus a great opportunity for new members to gain experience, but also for older members wanting to lead a team.

It is a great honour to host this competition at Monash this year. Let’s make the most of the home ground advantage!

When: 21st – 25th April, 2014

Where: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne

Registration and Sponsorship: The cost of tournament is $360 which covers your accommodation, socials and most food and transport. The first 24 novices who sign up and are offered a debating or adjudicating spot will receive $100 sponsorship.

How to get involved: If you are a new member to the club, you are eligible to attend the Novice Selections Day, which will include selections for Easters teams. If you are a returning member and would like to be a team leader, please fill out the Team Leader Application form. You can also fill out the adjudicator sign-up form if you are interested in adjudicating!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Externals officer Sasha at externals@monashdebaters.com.

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Monash Contingent returns from Griffith Easters

Photo by Amelia Kearney

Another massive tournament for MAD

Monash once again has returned a stellar result at the 2013 Australian Novice Intervarsity Debating Championships.

Sending a whopping 11 teams and over 10 adjudicators MAD was once again one of the largest contingents represented and saw amazing development in our new debaters and seasoned team leaders alike. With five teams in contention to break a tense Championship Dinner turned to riotous celebration as Monash 5: Britt Jeffs and Jacqui Duong led by Beatrice Paull, advanced to the Octofinals along with adjudicators Nisha Dutta, Madeline Schultz, James Beavis and Sam Whitney.

After a stunningly well fought debate Monash 5 lost out to hometown rivals University of Melbourne. With Madeline Schultz and Monash’s Own™ DCA Chris Bisset judging through to the Grand Finals the club representation remained strong.

Throughout a tournament run amazingly well by hosts Griffith University, the true MAD spirit shined through with contingent trips to Movie World and Wet and Wild, bar tabs truly serviced and our very own first year Lucinda Williams pocketing $150 after dominating the Saturday night dance off.

A massive congratulations goes to Externals Officer Nisha Dutta for orchestrating another fantastic Monash contingent

Monash to host Easters 2014

Capping off an amazing tournament, Monash has won its bid to host Easters in 2014 Convenors Nisha Dutta and Matthew Guy delivered a brilliant bid to AIDA council so comprehensive that the two competing bids, including frontrunner UQ Gatton withdrew before a vote was held. The Convenors have begun assembling the Organising Committee and were thrilled to announce at the tournament Chief Adjudicators Gemma Buckley and James Beavis would head the judging core next year.

Monash looks forward to welcoming the Australian debating community to Melbourne in 2014 and more information on Monash Easters 2014 can be found here

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Easters Trials

Don’t forget Easters ‘trials’ for all novices will be held this weekend. Sign ups for debating and adjudicating spots have now closed. If you had any questions about your registration or other issues please don’t hesitate to contact Externals Officer Nisha Dutta

Offers of debating and adjudicating places in the Monash contingent will be sent out at the end of trials this weekend. Details regarding payment and the tournament will be sent out soon after. If you’re after further information on the week, Griffith have set up this helpful Facebook page

Offers of debating and adjudicating places in the Monash contingent will be sent out at the end of trials this weekend. Details regarding payment and the tournament will be sent out soon after. If you’re after further information on the week, Griffith have set up this helpful Facebook page

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