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Rest of Semester 1 (2018) Events!

Semester 1 may be winding down but that does not mean MAD is slowing down!

Week 8 to Week 10
MAD holds one of its main internals over the next few weeks. Grab a couple of friends and form a team of 3 for exciting 3v3 action.  Sign up here!!! – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1SV4dK6ra-Jdn4ySQ_d0t1eUr8UTSuqNOC5qoXLp17vAgZg/viewform
There are two rounds during week 8 and week 9  training (instead of the usual training session and then debate) with grand finals for the novice and open category in week 10.
Form your team, have fun and win!!!

Regressive (or is that Regressives?)
27th of April
Location TBC
This is MAD’s biggest social of the year and is not an event to be missed! Regressive is a MAD tradition where the entire debate is held backwards, starting at the adjudication and then going on to 3rd neg before ending at 1st aff.  The food will follow a similar pattern, first years bring dessert,  older members bring mains, second years being entrees/sides and alumni (or the ancient ones bring bevs). This is a night where memes that stand the test of time will be created, bevs will be drunk and members will be roasted!
Find the event here – https://www.facebook.com/events/770242099991252/

In Malaysia from the 27th June to 5th July is the biggest Australasian 3v3 tournament.
See the facebook page for details – https://www.facebook.com/malayaaustrals2018/
MAD will be holding trials in the next few weeks. Look out for posts on our facebook group for details on how to sign up!

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2017 (A year in review) MAD Update!

After a Hiatus, the website is back up and running. Over the next few weeks, the website will be updated to where the Monash of Association of Debaters is as of right now. This by no means detracts from the successors we have had as a club over the past year and a half! All members should be very proud of doing their absolute best and making MAD such an inclusive and happy club!


Wom*n’s 2017 (AWDC – Held at ANU)

Congrats to our contingent at ANU Wom*n’s! All should be very proud of their efforts at this tournament and the improvement made over the tournament, not to mention all the new friends too!

Mollie Ashworth
Lia Diamantopoulos

Shara Teo
Laura Gibertson

Alex Lawrence
Katie Polus

Gabby Stolzenhain
Tamika Kate

Tanvi Gokhale and Amy Liu

Also a very big thank you to our selectors Swetha Prabhakaran and Mary Pirozek for putting together fantastic teams and taking time out of their lives to watch even more debates!

A further congratulations is needed for MAD 2 who broke all the way to semi-finals! Well done to Shara and Laura!


Australs 2017 (Held at UQ)

Our Australs contingent was as follows

Keith James, Liam Tomlinson, Laurel Trinh

Wallace Huang, Mary Pirozek, Gabby Stolzenhain

Peter Vicary, Mollie Ashworth, Joshua Sim

Rohan Waring, Steven Dickson, Kelvin Ng

Boris Lam, Lia Diamantopoulos, Amy Liu

Andy Downie, Laura Gilbertson, Tamika Chikulin

Andrew Moore, Andrew Polus, Daniel Liebreich, Katie Polus and
Tanvi Gokhale

Congrats on all members for having a fantastic tournament and becoming so much closer as a contingent post-tournament. All members should feel very proud for doing their best and be prepared to go even further at 2018 Australs in Malaysia.

Also, a big shout out to our selectors Tim Sonnreich and Viv Jones for returning to the club after so many years and giving up their very valuable weekend to watch us debate. Their hard work paid off when it came to the formation of the teams and we wish them all the best (hopefully they were able to find ways to relax around the debates before the working week resumed).


Easters 2017 (Held at Wollongong)

Gabby Stolzenhain, Mary Pirozek, Katie Polus

Wallace Huang, Yasmin Poole, Mollie Ashworth

Allan Quanchi, Alisdair Gurling, Lia Diamantopoulos

Ovindu Rajasinghe, Andrew Polus, Hasitha Jayatilake

Keith James, Laura Gilbertson, Liam O’Shea

Liam Tomlinson, Tamika Chikulin, Rahul Sathish

Angie Arteaga, Joseph Nguyen, Loren Pugh

Laurel Trinh, Boris Lam, Janet Chhean

Peter Vicary, Austin Bond, Eric Xie

Andrew Downie, Glenn Donahoo, Shara Teo, Andrew Moore, Steven Dickson, Tanaya Joshi, Joshua Sim
Nikhil Puppla (IA)
Andrew Elder (DCA)

Congratulations to all our teams (especially the novices who were attending their first ever University tournament!!!) for doing so well at the tournament!!! You should all be very proud of how much you developed and the friendships you went on to form over the course of those few days. We hope you all had a very rewarding experience and came back keen for more debating and help contribute to the club to make it as fantastic as possible!

A further congratulations to Shara breaking as an adjudicator to the Semi-Final and Nikhil breaking to the Quarter Final. Further, shout out to Andrew (Elder…..but the other Andrew’s are great too) for helping set amazing topics/making the tournament fantastic as well as getting to panel the grand final!!!

A very big thank you to Shara Teo, Gabrielle Stolzehain, Tanaya Joshi, Harrison Jones and Steven Dickson for giving up their time to watch who knows how many debates of nervous novices awaiting the results of trials. Then spending the time to pair novices up with pros (a job very well done!!!).


Worlds 2017 (WUDC held in the Netherlands)

Monash A
Molly Dale
Andrew Elder

Monash B
Amy Gilbertson
Amelia Kearney

Monash C
Liam Tomlinson
Keith James

Monash D
Peter Vicary
Kelvin Ng

Rohan Waring, Joseph Nguyen, Tanvi Gokhale, Andy Downie
Allan Quanchi (IA)

Congratulations to Molly and Andrew breaking to the Double Octo-Finals!!! You all did MAD proud and held your own against the best in the World!!!

Please stay tuned for a 2018 update which will come out imminently!!! MAD performed very well in 2017, we wish all teams and members the best for 2018!

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Australs 2014 Trials

The Australasian Debating Championships (‘Australs’) is an annual competition that is held in the mid-year break, bringing together over 400 students from across the Asia Pacific region. Australs 2014 will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Australs consistently attracts large contingents of Monash debaters due to its top class debating, high quality accommodation and exceptional socials. All members are encouraged to apply, including first years – there are often limited adjudicator and very limited debating spots for new members. Find out more details on the tournament at the Australs 2014 website.

Regarding trials, there will be 2-3 stages depending on demand following sign-ups. Sign-ups for trials will open Monday the 28th of April at 9 am and close Friday the 2nd of May at 5 pm. You can access the Australs Trials sign-up form here.

Debaters who have broken to finals at Australs or Worlds, and all prospective adjudicators should keep Sunday the 18th of May free. All other members should keep May 10, May 17 and May 18 free.

If you have any questions please contact our Externals officer Sasha.

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Australs Contingent Returns

After a gruelling and excellent 10 days, the MAD Australs contingent has returned from Malaysia. We’re pleased to report excellent results for all teams and adjudicators. Smashing their way through to the Quarter Finals Monash 1 and 2 had narrow losses to ANU 1 and Sydney 2 respectively. This was an unbelievable effort by both teams.

Adjudicators Matthew Guy, Madeline Schultz and Gemma Buckley were all selected to adjudicate through to the Quarters so far and Nikhil Puppala was selected to watch the Pre-octos and Madeline Schultz proceeded all the way to the Grand Final.

The rest of our teams performed phenomenally with 6 in contention to break and all 7 winning the majority of their debates! A huge achievement for one of our youngest ever contingents!

We thank everyone back home for all their amazing support it truly means so much to all of us. Videos from finals will be posted shortly.

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