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2014 Annual General Meeting

MAD’s Annual General Meeting is coming up, and we need you to help us out! The AGM is where we elect our Executive for 2015, vote on amendments to the Constitution and have hours of fun at Monash’s own on-campus Cinema.

The details of the AGM are as follows:

Monday, 15th September
1.15pm, Campus Cinema
Campus Centre, Building 10, Monash University Clayton

For information on how to run for a position, voting, and proxies for the AGM, please visit the full 2014 Annual General Meeting page, or contact our Secretary, Swetha, directly.

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2014 Sponsorship Policy

MAD’s Executive has just passed the 2014 sponsorship policy, which applies to all second years and above who plan on attending Australs and Worlds in 2014.

As of this year, in order to be eligible to receive sponsorship to attend either Australs or Worlds (as a second year or above), attendees must undertake a specified number of activities aimed at benefiting the club as a whole.

Full details on the policy (including a list of activities) can be found on the Sponsorship Policy page, and questions can be directed towards our Externals Officer Sasha at externals@monashdebaters.com.

You can cross-reference your sponsorship records with the Executive’s roll on this form!

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Australs 2014 Trials

The Australasian Debating Championships (‘Australs’) is an annual competition that is held in the mid-year break, bringing together over 400 students from across the Asia Pacific region. Australs 2014 will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Australs consistently attracts large contingents of Monash debaters due to its top class debating, high quality accommodation and exceptional socials. All members are encouraged to apply, including first years – there are often limited adjudicator and very limited debating spots for new members. Find out more details on the tournament at the Australs 2014 website.

Regarding trials, there will be 2-3 stages depending on demand following sign-ups. Sign-ups for trials will open Monday the 28th of April at 9 am and close Friday the 2nd of May at 5 pm. You can access the Australs Trials sign-up form here.

Debaters who have broken to finals at Australs or Worlds, and all prospective adjudicators should keep Sunday the 18th of May free. All other members should keep May 10, May 17 and May 18 free.

If you have any questions please contact our Externals officer Sasha.

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Easters 2014 Wrap-up

Easters 2014 is now over! A huge congratulations to our conveners Matt and Nisha for planning and running an amazing Easters 2014! The event was a huge success, with great topics, logistics and socials, and we wish Matt and Nisha all the best with their future endeavours.

A hearty thank you to our Chief Adjudicators James Beavis and Gemma Buckley for their dedication in taking on this demanding role, as well as the Deputy Chief Adjudicators Dom Bowes, Daniel Kirkby and Jessica Musulin.

To the team behind the scenes – the organising committee – thank you all for your planning, dedication and enthusiasm that made this event into the success it was. Our volunteers also deserve a special note – thank you for giving up your holiday to help out at Easters.

Congratulations to our contingent for their overall performance at Easters. In particular, Monash 8 (Stephen Moore, Kimberly Clarke, Keith James) made it to octo-finals, and Monash 3 (Andrew Gaulke, Sameer Sharma, Ninad Kulkarni) made it to quarter-finals. Congratulations are also in order for our breaking adjudicators: James Beavis, Rebecca Lew, Sasha Lytas, Nikhil Puppula, Madeleine Schultz.

A final special mention must go to Stephen Moore for ranking as the 5th best speaker, Beatrice Paull for ranking as the 9th best speaker, and Sameer Sharma for being the best Monash novice. Congratulations all around!

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Easters 2014

Easters, more formally known as the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships, will be the first major competition for 2014. Held in a different city every year, it attracts debaters from all over the nation for a week days of debating, and much fun! As a novice tournament, all teams can only have one experienced member at most. It is thus a great opportunity for new members to gain experience, but also for older members wanting to lead a team.

It is a great honour to host this competition at Monash this year. Let’s make the most of the home ground advantage!

When: 21st – 25th April, 2014

Where: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne

Registration and Sponsorship: The cost of tournament is $360 which covers your accommodation, socials and most food and transport. The first 24 novices who sign up and are offered a debating or adjudicating spot will receive $100 sponsorship.

How to get involved: If you are a new member to the club, you are eligible to attend the Novice Selections Day, which will include selections for Easters teams. If you are a returning member and would like to be a team leader, please fill out the Team Leader Application form. You can also fill out the adjudicator sign-up form if you are interested in adjudicating!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Externals officer Sasha at externals@monashdebaters.com.

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MAD Mini 2014: Registration now live!

Back with a tequila laden vengeance in 2014, MAD Mini is proud to deliver that unique brand of excitement and shame on which the Monash Association of Debaters have built their reputation.

Running across 3 days in February, MAD Mini offers five rounds of debate (in everybody’s favourite format 3-3 feat. POIs), a decent feed each day and three yakka soaked socials.

The co-CAs of MAD Mini 2014 are Meredith Prior and Melissa Matteo. Meredith has adjudicated the Grand Final of Australs and Semi-Final of Worlds, as well as breaking at Worlds, Easters, and Women’s as a debater. Melissa has adjudicated finals at Worlds, Australs, and Easters. She debated in the Australs Quarter-Final last year, and has broken to the Semi-Finals of Easters and Sydney Mini.

A fantastic tournament to ease your way back into high quality debating (after the snooze fest of Worlds) and for school leavers to get a taste for the disturbingly incestuous world of inter-varsity debate. Registration is staying at the cheap price of $50 per debater and $30 for judges, and you can access the Registration Form now!

If you still need more convincing, you can watch the MAD Mini trailer.

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WUDC 2014 Results

The Monash Association of Debaters would like to offer a huge congratulations to all of the teams and adjudicators who attended this year’s WUDC! All three teams from Monash broke to the finals, with Monash C making it through to the Quarter Finals ahead of Monash A and B’s unfortunate defeat in the Octos. Monash A’s James Beavis and Gemma Buckley were ranked 3rd and 2nd best speakers respectively at the tournament.

MAD’s adjudicators also had huge success, with Andrew Belyea-Tate, Andrew Elder, Fiona Prowse, Madeline Schultz, Melissa Matteo and Rebecca Irvine judging the finals. A big congratulations also to the other adjudicators at the tournament, who all judged great rooms consistently through the tournament.

MAD would also like to congratulate Harvard A, Berlin A and Bandung A as World Champions for 2014. A final congratulations, however, must go to Chris Bisset and Elle Jones for not only reaching the Grand Final, but also being ranked fourth and first best speakers respectively.

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2014 Executive Committee Announced

Democracy has prevailed once again and we’re extremely excited to announce the 2014 Executive Committee, elected at our AGM this afternoon. Thank you to everyone that attended to cast their vote and most importantly to everyone that ran. To have 17 people contesting 7 MWOP positions is huge and really exciting for the future of the club. Declared elected were:

President: Sam Whitney

Vice-President: Melissa Matteo

Treasurer: Andrew Elder

Secretary: Swetha Prabhakaran

Assistant Treasurer: Nathan Steinkoler

IT Officer: Stephen Moore

Members Without Portfolio: Keefe Chan, Liam Tomlinson, Nisha Dutta, Rebecca Lew, Sasha Lytas, Shara Teo and Tom Hvala

Life Membership Awarded to Kiran Iyer

Kiran Iyer

It is also our absolute pleasure to announce that the AGM conferred Life Membership upon MAD Alumni Kiran Iyer. Kiran joins just 18 other members over the MAD’s 50 year to receive this honour in recognition not only of their amazing success as debaters but their exemplary service to the club.

The nomination speeches may be viewed below and the transcripts will be posted shortly.

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