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Rest of Semester 1 (2018) Events!

Semester 1 may be winding down but that does not mean MAD is slowing down!

Week 8 to Week 10
MAD holds one of its main internals over the next few weeks. Grab a couple of friends and form a team of 3 for exciting 3v3 action.  Sign up here!!! –
There are two rounds during week 8 and week 9  training (instead of the usual training session and then debate) with grand finals for the novice and open category in week 10.
Form your team, have fun and win!!!

Regressive (or is that Regressives?)
27th of April
Location TBC
This is MAD’s biggest social of the year and is not an event to be missed! Regressive is a MAD tradition where the entire debate is held backwards, starting at the adjudication and then going on to 3rd neg before ending at 1st aff.  The food will follow a similar pattern, first years bring dessert,  older members bring mains, second years being entrees/sides and alumni (or the ancient ones bring bevs). This is a night where memes that stand the test of time will be created, bevs will be drunk and members will be roasted!
Find the event here –

In Malaysia from the 27th June to 5th July is the biggest Australasian 3v3 tournament.
See the facebook page for details –
MAD will be holding trials in the next few weeks. Look out for posts on our facebook group for details on how to sign up!

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