MUISS Public Speaking Training Day

MAD is excited to host an Introduction to Public Speaking day for the Monash University International Students Society on Saturday the 23rd of August from 9.30am. We encourage all MUISS members to sign up to this exciting program with excellent trainers. Lunch will be provided. The sessions on the day include:

Introduction to Public Speaking

This session will reveal all the secrets to making a great speech. Covering everything from how to prepare for a speech, to managing nerves and being persuasive, this sessions will equip students with the knowledge to present material in an effective way, no matter the audience.

Public Speaking at University

This session will look specifically at the skills needed to present powerfully while at university. Whether it is a tutorial presentation or your final year Engineering project, students in all degrees will benefit from this session which will identify what lecturers and tutors are looking for in oral presentations, and how to meet these requirements and get the grade you want!

Public Speaking in Employment

An interview is an important part of every job application process and this session will equip students with the skills to stand out in these situations. Whether a one-on-one interview, group interview or a networking event, presentation may be the difference between getting the job or not: This session will make students well placed to impress in the workplace.

Skills in Action

At the end of the day everyone will be given the chance to put the skills learnt throughout the day into action by presenting a speech in front of an experienced adjudicator. Not only is this a great way to confront the fear of speaking in public, but also a chance to receive feedback on your speech and speaking style that will assist with future improvement.

If you are interested in participating, please contact MUISS or Rebecca.