Guest Speakers

A major component of MAD’s international success is the breadth of training services that we provide to our membership. Our training programs are designed to facilitate the understanding of contemporary issues, the development of skills in critical thinking, and exposure to persuasive speaking styles. As such, MAD’s annual public lecture series is critical to the development of our most promising debaters.

In the past, MAD has heard from a number of high-profile speakers from the fields of politics, law, media and academia to discuss a range of topics including the GFC, climate change, religion, foreign policy, terrorism and immigration.

Previous guests have included Malcolm Fraser AC, John Brumby, Adam Bandt MP, Kelly O’Dwyer MP, Waleed Aly, Catherine Deveny, Brian Walters SC and Julian Burnside QC.

The 2014 schedule is currently being finalised. Be sure to check back here for information on MAD’s latest guest. If you have any queries about MAD’s public lecture series, please contact us.