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Post Mid-Semester Break

What a break it has been, especially with Easters and all that. Congratulations to all teams and adjudicators in this exciting tournament, especially:
Monash 7 (Beatrice Paull, Laurel Trinh, Prithi Rajiv – Octo Finals)
Molly Dale (DCA)
Andrew Belyea-Tate (Grand Final judge) and
Nikhil Puppala (Breaking judge)

However, everyone should be immensely proud of their efforts they have put in into debating. Looking retrospectively from the commencement of the tournament to the end, it is undeniable that there has been so much improvement and many friendships made in the progress. We hope that this sustains throughout the rest of the year!

Other important news to cover: SORENSEN REGISTRATIONS are still live! The internal tournament has been pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances. Build up your team and enter either the open or novice category! There is something for everyone! The regulations can be found under the internal tournament schedule part of this website. Link to registration is:

Moreover, get excited for Regressive! On the 15th of April, we will be kicking off the debate right from the adjudication and desserts! Then slowly reach the start like some psychological thriller mystery film, but funny! It will feature Shara Teo as the chairman and Andrew Elder as the adjudicator. For the affirmative, there’ll be Nathan Steinkoler, Beatrice Paull and Andrew Moore. For the negative, it’s Amelia Kearney, Albert Ho and Mary Pirozek. More info can be found through the Facebook group and page.

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