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Novice Selections Day

MAD encourages all new members to sign up to the Novice Selections Day which opens on Tuesday the 11 March at 10am.

Remember to sign up as quickly as possible because the first 24 members to sign up and qualify for Easters will get $100 of sponsorship, while the first 10 members to quality for President’s Cup will attend for free!

Selections day will be on Saturday March 29 (alternative times can be arranged for those who are busy on that day) and will be a fun-filled day. Novices will learn more about the club and its tournaments from peer mentors, do a casual debate, and grab a coffee with the peer mentors afterwards. And of course, Commencement Dinner will be held during the evening of March 29 as well.

After the Selections Day, you will be paired up with an experienced team leader in a competition during the year.

Again, if you have any questions, contact Sasha at

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