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As some of you would have heard, the MAD AGM is going to be held on the 13th of September. For those of you who don’t know, this is where MAD members run for election for the executive of the next year, and constitutional amendments may be passed or denied.

The deadline for Constitutional changes has now passed: You can view the successfully submitted changes here.

If you are planning on running for any position on the Exec and would like to know more about the responsibilities and functions of any of the positions, you can access the relevant information here. If you would like to contact any specific Exec member to ask them questions about their portfolio obligations and functions, you can find their contact information here.

If you can’t wait for the day itself, or just want to prepare yourself for the long arduous hours of…fun…you can read the AGM Agenda to whet your appetites.

We will be meeting in Engineering Hall 4 (EH4), Building 60 at 12:55pm on Monday the 13th of September. Because Engineering is about as accessible as the underside of a mountain lion’s tongue, you can access a map to help guide you to your destination.

Update: After some discussion, the executive has changed the way proxies will work for the AGM. Now, all proxy votes must be submitted to Sheldon by 12pm on Monday at, and only one proxy vote can be held per person. Furthermore, whilst you can still submit a directed or undirected proxy, all proxies must be held by someone present at the AGM. What this means is that for your proxy to be valid you need to have worked out someone to hold it at the AGM, and included that in your email to Sheldon.

Speaking times have been announced!

Position Speech Length No. of Questions
President 5 minutes 3 questions
Vice-President 3 minutes 2 questions
Treasurer 2 minutes 2 questions
Secretary 2 minutes 2 questions
IT Officer 2 minutes 2 questions
Equity Officer 2 minutes 2 questions
Members Without Portfolio (MWOP) 1.5 minutes 2 questions

If you have any niggling questions plaguing you, you can direct your enquiries to our inimitable secretary Luke McGreevy at

We look foward to seeing you there!

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