Public Speaking with Rotary and Foundation Boroondara

The people of Foundation Boroondara enlisted FD to help some local students prepare for the Rotary 4 Way Test Speaking Competition. The initial session with around 8 students late in 2012 produced a significant improvement in the confidence and presentation ability of the participants, which flowed through to a real improvement in their results at the competition. Many of the participants were keen to build on that training beyond the competition so they attended a further 2 sessions with FD trainers in March 2013. The training focused on confidence, speech structure and argument development. When asked to make a persuasive speech highlighting a problem and proposing a solution at their schools they displayed enthusiasm and creativity, while identifying a range of issues impacting on both students and the community. They very convincingly put their new skills to good use. They showed a real commitment to improving their public speaking and to using their talents in the classroom.