Public Speaking Training at the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights

In November 2013, the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR) enlisted the help of Free Debate to deliver public speaking training to around 15 young men and women from the Alawi community in Melbourne. The training was part of a project organised by AMWCHR called ‘Speaking Across the Sectarian Divide’, which aimed to develop leadership capacity in the Muslim Alawi, Alevi and Sunni youth communities in Melbourne, and encourage them to become leaders in building an inclusive Muslim community that is respectful and celebratory of difference. Over the course of a Sunday afternoon, Carmel Wallis, Lynn Featonby, Sam Whitney and Miranda Anwar from Free Debate trained the participants on how to deliver an engaging and effective speech in public by improving the style, structure and content of the speech. Each participant was then given two opportunities to practice their public speaking skills; once in a small group and once in front of all other participants. All participants rose to the challenge and delivered well-structured speeches on a topic of their choice in an engaging manner.