Building Bridges

Free Debate conducted a presentation class for the Centre for Multi-Cultural Youth Issues (CMYI), as part of the as part of the Building Bridges project. CMYI is a community-based organisation that advocates for the needs of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Building Bridges is an initiative of Vic Health seeking to promote intercultural understanding as a mechanism to reduce discrimination. For this project, CMYI has bought together young women from diverse backgrounds to organise a women’s event, called Ee-Ha-Yeah, involving a variety of cultural exhibits and activities. The Free Debate team of Lucia, Mat, Rebekah and Roland designed a training course aimed at improving the confidence and presentation skills of the participants, in the context of organising a major event. Our course emphasised practical exercises and was adapted to take account of the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds of the participants. The feedback from the group was quite positive and Free Debate is keen to collaborate with CMYI in future initiatives. Our thanks go to Rachel Murray of CMYI for organising Free Debate’s participation in the programme, and to the participants for their time, efforts and the multicultural feast provided to the trainers.