Bahr El Ghazal Programme – Week 3

Just a quick update on Week 3 of Free Debate’s programme with the Bahr El Ghazal Community Development Association. We have now divided the group into four teams with a dedicated coach for each team. (The teams are all fiercely competitive and I look forward to seeing my boys wipe the floor with Duncan’s team in the first round!) Next week is Round One of the competition and the topic (selected in consultation with the participants) is ” That new migrants wishing to become citizens should be required to pass a language and values test “. Given that all the debaters are new migrants, it should be an interesting clash! If anyone is interested in sitting in on next Sunday’s debates (and the training and adjudication that will follow) please contact us. The venue is Victoria University (Footscray Campus, Ballarat Road, Building ‘P’ at the rear of the campus, across from the sports field) from 2-4pm.