AMES Students build speaking confidence and debate gay marriage

Over three workshops in September, FD worked with Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES) students to develop their confidence and public speaking skills. The first session focused on a number of techniques for delivering speeches, including how to build confidence and improve clarity. To consolidate these skills, students spoke about a topic of their choice, with topics ranging from arranged marriages, children on social networking websites, public transport concession cards for international students to how the government can do more to address environmental issues. The second session on the following Saturday refreshed past learning and finished with a 3-on-3 debate about whether job opportunities were limited for migrants in Australia. The final session adopted the same approach, with a fiery and exciting debate on gay marriage that considered all sides of the debate in a fair and even manner. All students improved immeasurably over the three weeks, and FD is looking forward to further involvement with AMES students in the future.