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Easters Results

Melbourne Easters 2010 was one of MAD’s most successful Easters in several years. We had huge contingent that saw five adjudicators and three teams break. Congratulations to Ravi Dutta, Amit Golder and Colette Mintz on judging the Grand Final that once again saw the University of Sydney Union come out victorious (shame!). MAD President Kiran Iyer broke to the semi finals, and Nita Rao managed to break despite the fact she wasn’t even attending the Finals Series.

All teams were spectacular in their performances, but three deserve a special mention. Monash 5 of Mel Birch, James Beavis and Mike Stern broke 10th with 5 wins but were unfortunately knocked out of the octo-finals in a split decision. Monash 13 of Sam Whitney, Stephen Moore and Calum Sargeant exceeded their own expectations in breaking 16th. The boys put up an amazing fight against the undefeated and top ranked Sydney 1. Unfortunately though, the powerhouse Sydney team put Monash 13 out of the finals. Monash 2 of Meredith Prior, Lynton Gunn and Nisha Dutta broke 15th and created a huge upset by taking out one of the tournament favourites, ANU 1, in the octo-finals. However, Monash 2 lost their quarter final in a very close debate.

The level of support given to all our teams by each other, by our adjudicators and by those of you following the results on Twitter was invaluable and always makes a big difference. The entire 15 team and 13 adjudicator contingent performed to such a high standard that we couldn’t have asked for more, and are so proud of their achievements.

If you are interested (or just want to relive the glory days), you can check out the full Easters contingent (as well as the contingents of yesteryear) here. You can also see the full tab here.

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