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Easters 2014 Wrap-up

Easters 2014 is now over! A huge congratulations to our conveners Matt and Nisha for planning and running an amazing Easters 2014! The event was a huge success, with great topics, logistics and socials, and we wish Matt and Nisha all the best with their future endeavours.

A hearty thank you to our Chief Adjudicators James Beavis and Gemma Buckley for their dedication in taking on this demanding role, as well as the Deputy Chief Adjudicators Dom Bowes, Daniel Kirkby and Jessica Musulin.

To the team behind the scenes – the organising committee – thank you all for your planning, dedication and enthusiasm that made this event into the success it was. Our volunteers also deserve a special note – thank you for giving up your holiday to help out at Easters.

Congratulations to our contingent for their overall performance at Easters. In particular, Monash 8 (Stephen Moore, Kimberly Clarke, Keith James) made it to octo-finals, and Monash 3 (Andrew Gaulke, Sameer Sharma, Ninad Kulkarni) made it to quarter-finals. Congratulations are also in order for our breaking adjudicators: James Beavis, Rebecca Lew, Sasha Lytas, Nikhil Puppula, Madeleine Schultz.

A final special mention must go to Stephen Moore for ranking as the 5th best speaker, Beatrice Paull for ranking as the 9th best speaker, and Sameer Sharma for being the best Monash novice. Congratulations all around!

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