Sponsorship Policy

MAD Sponsorship Policy.

In 2016, MAD will be offering sponsorship to attend a variety of external tournaments. As was done in previous years, there will be some requirements in order to access the sponsorship that is specifically being offered for Australs and Worlds as outlined below.

Note: For first year debaters attending Easters, there is no requirement to participate in any activity in order to receive sponsorship for the tournament.

To be eligible for sponsorship for Australs or Worlds, you must accumulate the following number of points for the said tournament:

Australs: 80 points
Worlds: 100 points

You accumulate points by participating in one of the listed activities below and having them recorded by the relevant Execute member in our club register (an online viewing of your progress is in the works).

Two rules to remember:

  • These point do not stack up, so if you have collected enough point to go to Australs and actually receive sponsorship for that tournament, you must collect another 100 points to be eligible for sponsorship at Worlds.
  • Sponsorship points must be collected by the first day of the tournament.

Sponsorship Points List

75 point activities

  • Participate all day in a Schools Training Day/Faculty program
  • Convene a Monash tournament (e.g. MAD Mini, Vic Cup, Womens’)

50 point activities

  • Run a member training session approved by the member training officer (Advanced level)
  • Adjudicate 3 debates at Easters Training Weekend
  • Adjudicate 3 debates at Women’s Training Weekend
  • Debate in either the Peninsula or Clayton Public Debate

40 point activities

  • Run a member training session approved by the member training officer (Beginner/Intermediate Level)
  • Speak at Arts Seminar, Library Debate or MSA Debate
  • Participate in a Debates in Schools
  • Debate with a novice on a training night twice in a semester (Novice MUST be assigned by the novice training officer)
  • Be present at a minimum of 8 of the 12 member training sessions in a single semester
  • Participate in the Org Comm for a Monash tournament (e.g. Womens’)
  • Adjudicate or debate in 2 debates of the 2 week novice program in Semester 1 (Weeks 9/10) with a novice
  • Adjudicate at President’s Cup or ANU Spring
  • Be a Novice Trainer or ESL Trainer for Weeks 1-2 of Semester 1 as selected by the member training officer

25 point activities

  • Create written training material approved by the member training officer
  • Participate for one session of a Schools Training Day/Faculty program
  • Team lead at Easters, Womens’ or President’s Cup

10 point activities

  • Adjudicate a Monday or Wednesday night debate, including internal tournaments
  • Debate with a novice on a training night once in a semester (Novice MUST be assigned by the novice training officer Rhea or the member training officer Allan), including BP Pro-Am, but not Sorensen or Freehills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I record that I’ve undertaken an activity/check my eligibility?

The Executive maintains a register of activities completed by club members. To have an activity you’ve completed added to the register simply email the executive member administering the activity (eg Sponsorship Officer if a public debate) and they’ll credit it to you on the register. To check your progress or eligibility for a tournament you can email the Externals officer. (An online system for viewing your progress is in the works)

I’m looking for more activities to complete, how do I find them?

Fantastic! Activities, especially public events, will be advertised via social media and Tastebud. If you’re looking for more ways to be active in the club, you can contact the Executive expressing your interest and they’ll put you in touch with the relevant person.

Do I have to complete the activities prior to trials?

While members are encouraged to complete activities as soon as possible they may be completed up until the tournament date. Sponsorship will not be paid until eligibility has been reached. Members are asked to keep in mind that opportunities may drop off (especially over exam periods) and the Executive won’t form new activities just because members have left their eligibility until the last minute.

I have a suggestion for an activity to be listed or other feedback on the policy?

Awesome! The Executive is continually checking whether this policy is in good working condition. Please speak to any Executive member or email us to contribute your thoughts. We would love to hear what you have to say!

Can I retrospectively count eligible activities I’ve completed?

Yes! If you’ve completed a listed activity in 2016 it can be counted towards your eligibility, please email the responsible Executive member to have the activity credited towards you on the register.

(Please note that there must be some sort of proof to show that you have conducted an eligible activity since we will not just operate based off self-testimony. This means it is essential that during or upon completing an activity, you get your name recorded in the club register by the relevant Executive member or responsible to ensure that you have no future problems with sponsorship points. Get it done early, not later!)