Internal Competitions

MAD runs a range of prestigious internal competitions every year, all of which are the perfect way to improve your debating skills in a constructive and friendly environment. From the relaxed Pro/Am’s to the battle-royale Freehills and Sorensen, MAD’s range of tournaments provides both engaging and enjoyable training environments for novices alongside cut-throat battles to the death for the pro’s. Whatever your taste, MAD can cater for you.

Semester 1 Internals Schedule

Our first internal competition of the year is called Sorensen. It will run over three Monday nights starting on the 11th of April at 5pm. We will be trialling a two tiered internal tournament for 2016, with open and novice categories. Teams from each category will exclusively debate with others in the same category. There will also be a break to finals for both categories

Tier One: Open Category
Each team must consist of 4 people. It of the 5 rounds in Sorenson, each team must field a 4th member to adjudicate 3 out of the 5 debates to be eligible to break. Teams can rotate the 4th person who’s adjudicating each round.

Tier Two: Novice Category
Teams of 3 or 4 depending on capacity. Each novice team will get the assistance of an adjudicator for the first part of prep to assist them with brainstorming for ideas for their case. A novice is anyone who is in their first year in MAD (i.e. 2nd years who haven’t been to Easters do not qualify). However the executive had discretion to decide who should be considered a novice, please speak to an executive member of you fall outside this definition but would like to debate in the novice category. Novices are welcome to opt into the open break if they wish.