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Coaching Training: Free Debate Enabling Day

Saturday May 22nd, 11 am – 3 pm, Melbourne Uni

Free Debate is a charitable organization that strives to change the lives of disadvantaged youths and adults through the power of training in advocacy, argumentation and debate. The organisation is made up of volunteers, both current and former debaters. Working with Free Debate is a fantastic opportunity to use the skills of public speaking you have developed in high school and university for good rather than evil.

Free Debate is running an Enabling Day in order to provide you with the coaching skills you need to be able to join in Free Debate’s work, or simply to help you in your own coaching activities.

The Enabling Day will consist of a number of sessions to build coaching and project management skills. The sessions will focus on building your skills as a debating and public speaking coach, with the ability to apply these skills to a wide range of groups, from young children to migrants and refugees from non-English speaking countries. There will also be a session on project management skills.

The sessions will be run by some of the best coaches in Australia, including Rob Koh, former coach of the Australian Schools Debating Team, Liz Sheargold, Australs Best Speaker 2006 and former coach of the Victorian Schools team, Kim Little, 2000 World Debating Champion, and our own Amit Golder, amongst others.

RSVP is essential, so to register interest for the session please e-mail with your contact details and a brief summary of debating/public speaking background.

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