MAD Executive

The Executive Committee (or the “exec”) is the main decision-making body of MAD. Members of the Executive are assigned a portfolio, and put in many hours of hard work behind the scenes. The Exec meets regularly to plan and organise various MAD events. Below are the members of the 2016 Executive. Follow the link to view members of previous executive committees.

Wallace Huang : President President
Wallace Huang

Glenn Donahoo : Vice-President Vice-President
Glenn Donahoo

Ovindu Rajasinghe : Treasurer Treasurer
Ovindu Rajasinghe

Gaby Stolzenhain : Secretary Secretary
Gaby Stolzenhain

Freya Rich : Assistant Treasurer Assistant Treasurer
Freya Rich

Shara Teo : Member Training Member Training
Shara Teo

Angie Arteaga : Webmaster Webmaster
Angie Arteaga

Kelvin Ng : Internals Internals
Kelvin Ng

Peter Vicary : Schools Training Schools Training
Peter Vicary

Andy Downie : Socials Socials
Andy Downie

Tamika Kate : Sponsorship Sponsorship
Tamika Kate

Mary Pirozek : Novice Porgram Novice Porgram
Mary Pirozek

Tanaya Joshi : Externals Externals
Tanaya Joshi