MAD Executive

The Executive Committee (or the “exec”) is the main decision-making body of MAD. Members of the Executive are assigned a portfolio, and put in many hours of hard work behind the scenes. The Exec meets regularly to plan and organise various MAD events. Below are the members of the 2016 Executive. Follow the link to view members of previous executive committees.

Shara Teo : Member Training Member Training
Shara Teo

Swetha Prabhakaran : Vice-President Vice-President
Swetha Prabhakaran

Wallace Huang : President President
Wallace Huang

Reece Hooker : Assistant Treasurer Assistant Treasurer
Reece Hooker

Amy Gilbertson : Secretary Secretary
Amy Gilbertson

Albert Ho : Webmaster Webmaster
Albert Ho

Rohan Waring : Schools Training Schools Training
Rohan Waring

Ovindu Rajasinghe : Socials Socials
Ovindu Rajasinghe

Amelia Kearney : Sponsorship Sponsorship
Amelia Kearney

Rhea Navani : Novice Porgram Novice Porgram
Rhea Navani

Keith James : Internals Internals
Keith James

Andrew Belyea-Tate : Externals Externals
Andrew Belyea-Tate

Allan Quanchi : Member Training Member Training
Allan Quanchi