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Monash Debating Review: Volume 10

We are happy to present the 2012 Edition of the MDR.

Many thanks,

Editorial Team, MDR 2012

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2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Public Debate

With the rise of the Arab Spring over the last year, the most pressing issue in the Middle East has been the development and growth of new democracies in countries previously subject to totalitarian regimes.

Topic: “Should the West fear the rise of Islamist movements in the new Middle Eastern democracies?”

The 2012 Monash University Vice-Chancellor’s Public Debate will feature:

Associate Professor David Martin Jones, University of Queensland
Dr. Tzvi Fleischer, Editor-in-Chief, Australia/Israel Review, Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council
Kiran Iyer, World Debating Champion and Australasian Debating Champion

Dr. Sayed Khatab, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University
Dr. Rodger Shanahan, Lowy Institute for International Policy
Joseph Wakim OAM, Founder of the Australian Arabic Council and former Victorian Multicultural Affairs Commissioner

The debate will be held at Central 1 (C1) Lecture Theatre, Building 63, Monash University Clayton. Refreshments will be served from 6:30pm, with the debate to commence at 7:00pm. The debate will be followed by a Q & A session, moderated by Monash University Vice-Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne.

We look forward to seeing you there! Invite your friends! For the latest information, join the event on Facebook.

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Monash Wins Australs

The Monash Association of Debaters (MAD), for the first time since 2009, has won the Australasian University Debating Championships (Australs). Monash 1, consisting of Kiran Iyer, Madeline Schultz and Chris Bisset, defeated Monash 2, consisting of Gemma Buckley, James Beavis and Colette Mintz, in a 5-4 split decision from the Grand Final Adjudication panel. It was the first time in the tournament’s history that two teams from the same institution fielded both sides of the Grand Final, and an astonishing effort from the debaters.

Kiran Iyer received the Jock Fanselow Cup for best speaker in the Grand Final, and finished as the second best speaker overall at the tournament. Not to be outdone, Chris Bisset received the Martin Sorensen trophy for being best speaker at the tournament.

MAD sent four additional teams to the tournament, all of whom ranked in the top 30 teams in the tournament. MAD’s adjudicators Katie Heading, Viv Jones, Rebecca Irvine and Stephen Moore also qualified to adjudicate the finals series, with Ravi Dutta acting as Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the tournament.

You can read Monash University’s official press release here, and watch the debate itself here. Additional debates from the tournament will be uploaded shortly.

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MDR Sub-Editor Applications Open

Dear all,

We’re looking for Associate Editors for this year’s Monash Debating Review. The Review is the foremost debating publication, and the only international peer reviewed debating journal. Previous examples of the MDR can be found here.

The MDR is published in time for Worlds each year, so timescales are tight. We are therefore looking for people who are not only, intelligent, able and insightful, but who are also willing to make a genuine time commitment between now and publication. We will assume such a commitment on the part of all applicants.

To apply, please complete the form and return it to sambblock@gmail.com, putting ‘MDR Associate Editor Application’ in the subject line. Our deadline for applications is 12.00 GMT on Sunday the 19th of August. Applicants will be informed of their success or otherwise during the week following. We anticipate appointing between two and five subeditors.

Many thanks,

Sam Block
Editor, MDR 2012 Vol 10

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50th Celebration Ticket Launch

In 2012 MAD turns 50 years old! To celebrate, MAD is hosting the 50th Anniversary Ball which will take place on August 4th at the phenomenal Regal Ballroom in Northcote.

This is a night not to be missed!

Tickets are priced at $80 for MAD members and current Monash students. This reasonably price ticket includes a 3 course meal plus canapes, unlimited beer and wine plus Spirits on the table, and entertainment for the evening!

Seating preferences can be submitted as half tables of 5 or 6 persons, full tables of 10 -12 or as singles. Make sure you bring your table allocations with you when you purchase tickets! Cash or Credit Card* will be accepted.

General Ticket Sales will open on Thursday the 26th of April so make sure to get in before then to get a seat! For more information re the event please contact Stephen at vicepresident@monashdebaters.com For more information re the ticket launch please contact Bec at secretary@monashdebaters.com

*Credit Card purchases will incur a surcharge. Please contact Sam Whitney at treasurer@monashdebaters.com for more information.

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2012 Australs Success

For the first time in the history of the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships, one University debating society, the Monash Association of Debaters, will field both teams competing in the Grand Final. Monash 1, undefeated through all rounds of the competition, consists of Chris Bisset, Madeline Schultz and current world champion Kiran Iyer. They will face up against Monash 2’s Gemma Buckley, Colette Mintz and James Beavis.

2012 represents the 20th anniversary of Monash’s first win at Australs, and it has subsequently won the competition 9 times since then. Monash sent 6 teams in total, all of them finishing the tournament in the top 30 teams of the competition. We are astoundingly proud of all of our debaters for their truly phenomenal achievements.

Monash also sent a number of adjudicators to the tournament, several of whom qualified to adjudicate the finals series. Katie Heading, Viv Jones, Stephen Moore and Rebecca Irvine all adjudicated various stages of the finals, with Ravi Dutta also acting as Deputy Chief Adjudication (DCA) for the tournament.

The debate will take place tonight at 5:30pm AEST (7:30pm NZ time). It will be a debate to be remembered, and no matter the result, Monash will be the victor. Tune in to see it live.

Stream videos at Ustream

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2012 Easters Success

Congratulations to the contingent who went to ANU Easters 2012 in Canberra. It was a very successful and enjoyable tournament, in which many MADdies did extremely well in. Greater detail about individual and team success can be found at the ANU website.

A special congratulations go to Monash 5 and Monash 9 for making it to the Octo Finals, and to Monash 7 for making it to the Semi Finals. Congratulations also go to our excellent adjudicators, in which Kiran Iyer (DCA), Nita Rao and Chris Bisset adjudicated the Grand Final.

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2012 Public Speaking Competition Results

The Monash Association of Debaters Public Speaking Competition, in partnership with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education), Adam Shoemaker, held the Grand Final of the competition on Wednesday 4th April.

In an excellent competition, the victors were

  • 1st. Doug Caillard
  • 2nd. Jess Tavassoli
  • 3rd. Dominic Guinane
  • Well done to all those who participated, and a massive thanks to Adam Shoemaker and his office for all of their support.

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    MAD v God debate

    This Thursday 29th March at 1pm, MAD’s 2011 Australs semi finals team will take on Christian scientist, John McKay, on what is sure to be one of the most entertaining public debates of the year, on the topic: The evidence does not support evolution and could support creation. Come see MAD battle it out with John McKay at the Dining Hall on the first level of Campus centre at 1pm. All welcome.

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    Monash University Public Speaking Competition

    The Monash Association of Debaters, in partnership with the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) Adam Shoemaker, is proud to present the inaugural Monash University Public Speaking Competition.

    The competition is open to ALL Monash University students and will test both pre-prepared and impromptu speaking skills, on the broad theme of Education.

    Cash prizes to be won!

    When is the competition?

    Heats 1 and 2: Mon 19th and Wed 21st March, 1-3pm
    Heats 3 and 4: Mon 26th and Wed 28th March, 1-3 pm

    What can I win?

    Open division: $250
    ESL division: $250
    Runner up: $100

    How do I register?

    Registration opens Friday March 9, 2012 at 9am and closes Friday March 16th at 5pm. Due to capacity reasons, the competition is only open to the first 40 participants.

    To register, visit our website and fill out the online form. Information packs, a guide to public speaking and full terms and conditions can also be found on the website.

    Questions? Contact Jacqui at recruitment@monashdebaters.com.

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    Monash Wins the World Universities Debating Championship! (Again!)

    Monash University has won the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) for the second year in a row, beating teams from Oxford, Stanford and the University of Sydney.

    The winning team, ‘Monash B’, comprised of Amit Golder and Kiran Iyer. Having debated extensively for MAD over several years, with many other debating successes, Amit and Kiran won the grand final in a unanimous decision. Arguing in support of nationalism from Opening Government, d?j? vu was on side for the pair as Monash historically drew Opening Government the previous year, where Victor Finkel and Fiona Prowse also won.

    In other success, 3 out of 4 teams sent to the tournament broke into finals, with ‘Monash C’ making it to the Semi Final. Chris Bisset, from ‘Monash C’ was also ranked as ninth best speaker at the competition.

    The WUDC was hosted by De La Salle University in Manila. It ran between the 27th December 2011 and the 4th January 2012. Over 1400 students from more than 70 nations in the worlds largest British Parliamentary tournament. Next year, the WUDC will be hosted in Berlin by the Berlin Debating Union

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    Organ Transplant Public Debate

    When : Monday 12th March, 1pm, Airport Lounge.

    Come and see MAD in partnership with Transplant Australia debate the topic ‘That Australia should have an opt out system for organ donation.’ This is the first public debate for the year and we would love as much support as possible, so mark the time of in your diary and come up to the Airport Lounge in Week Three! Email secretary@monashdebaters.com for more information!

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    Associate Consultant, Bain & Company

    Bain & Company, a leading global management consulting firm, have opened applications for Associate Consultant positions. Bain?s information session will be held at Clayton campus on February 29th at 5:00pm and case study workshop on March 5th at 1:00pm. This is a great opportunity to learn about the type of work they do as well as meet some of the firm?s consultants.

    For more information please visit: www.joinbain.com

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    Welcome New Club Members!

    A warm welcome to all new club members! And of course all returning club members. We look forward to seeing you at our first training session on Monday 27th February in the Law Basement in the Law building. If you haven’t had a chance to officially sign up at the MAD stall during O-week, you can do so at the training session. If you have any questions about what MAD does, what services we offer, what MAD events are made just for you or anything else, check out our website and if that doesn’t answer you question, send us an email.

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    Exec Meeting

    This week’s meeting will be about MAD’s sponsorship and selection policies for all the major IV’s in 2012. If you are a member who would like to read over these policies please email secretary@monashdebaters.com. Similarly if you have any ideas about where the money should go or how teams should be decided please feel free to email these thoughts to any member of the Executive or to come along to the meeting! If you need help getting to the meeting please don’t hesitate to email.Please contact secretary@monashdebaters.com with any questions or if there is anything you would like to have discussed at a meeting. All are welcome to attend meetings.

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    MAD Mini Registration is open

    REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Register at our website: madmini2012.com

    When: 10th-12th of Feb 2012
    What: – Rounds upon rounds of 3 on 3 debating with POIs
    – Lots of alcohol
    – More debating
    – More alcohol
    Where: Monash University Caulfield
    For all other tournament information, visit the MAD Mini 2012 website directly.

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