2011 News Archive

Monday Meeting: Dr Gavid Mudd

Where: Monday the 18th of April, 1pm, R3

Issue: Nuclear Power and The Dangers of Uranium Mining

Guest Speaker: Dr Gavin Mudd

Dr Gavin M Mudd has been an active researcher and advocate on the environmental impacts and management of mining for over a decade. He has been involved with many aspects of industry with a particular specialty in brown coal wastes, uranium mining and environmental management. His work has been showcased in several international journals and conferences. In particular, Gavin has had extensive involvement in examining the underlying scientific issues associated with uranium mining in Australia, with detailed knowledge of the Australian uranium mining sector as well as globally.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Easters Banner Painting

We had balloons. We threw paper planes. We were the back row bandits of the briefing room. When MAD invades Easters this year, we?re going to knock it up a notch with a banner.

Come to the Monash Sport BBQ Area (walk through the Monash Sport reception area to the outside concrete space) at 1pm this Monday the 11th April to get your craft on and help make MAD?s presence at Easters known. There will be paint. There will be music. And since we are behaving like children, there will even be fairy bread and creamy soda.

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MAD’s Open Competition

This year MAD will be hosting an open tournament on Monday 10th and 17th of October at 5:00pm.

An open tournament has open motions, being that the topic is open to interpretation and the debate could take a number of different directions. This is different from most topics that tell you what you are either for or against in a debate, but that’s what makes them fun! The motions for this tournament will take on a theme (see Cambridge IV 2004-2008).

There are two nights of debating with two rounds on each night, with a Grand Final on the 19th of October. (Location TBA)

If you have been fortunate enough to debate in most of MAD’s internals this year, it would be truly excellent if you could come along and judge a few rounds so some of our usual judges can debate. We are currently drastically short of judges! If you are want to adjudicate the tournament, please email Ashleigh Feurtado at monash.debaters.internals@gmail.com as soon as possible!

While sign up for teams has closed, we would love to have adjudicators come along. Email Ash at monash.debaters.internals@gmail.com if you’re interested. She’d love to hear from you.

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Easters, or the Australian National Intervarsity Debating Championships, is the first major debating competition of the year. It brings together more experienced debaters from MAD with younger debaters and aims to give them a fun, but competitive introduction to university debating. The tournament is a fun filled three days of debating and socializing, giving everyone a chance to get to know their fellow MADies and meet debaters from across the country.


26th – 29th of April


University of Adelaide


All novices – Officially that means people who have never attended an Australs or a Worlds, or debated at more than two Easters – Read: Every First Year!


Registration is now closed! Email Gemma Buckley at monash.debaters.externals@gmail.com if you have questions!

How much?

The cost of the tournament will be around $320.00 for Registration (which covers your meals, accommodation and drinks) and then approximately $100.00 to travel to and from Adelaide. The club will be organizing car pooling for people who are interested.


Email Gemma at monash.debaters.externals@gmail.com or call her on 0438968613.

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A tradition since time eternal, the black MAD t-shirts have graced the chiseled abs and sensuous curves of many a world debating champion. On the first day of each tournament we attend the contingent dons their club shirts in a amorphous wave of sexy debating awesomeness.

This year a MAD t-shirt can be yours for only $12. For the fairer sex we’re now offering a more fitted design option with curves in all the right places. We’re in the process of ordering and if you could (non-bindingly) indicate your preferred size on the form we’d be forever grateful.

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50th Anniversary Dinner committee applications

The MAD 50th Anniversary Dinner is coming up and we want you to get involved. We are currently looking for members of our organising committee to be involved with planning and running the dinner, and contacting many of the alumni we have amassed over the last 50 years. The date for the event has not been set yet, and would be one of the first responsibilities of the committee.

Please send your applications through to secretary@monashdebaters.com by Friday the 28th of October at 5pm!

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2011 Vice-Chancellor’s Public Debate

Should Australia put a Price on Carbon?

Tune in at 6:30PM Wednesday, 31 August to view the Public Debate Live here

The carbon tax is the defining issue of Australian politics in 2011.

With the Gillard government on the ropes and debate over climate change reaching fever pitch, now is the perfect time for a serious debate about the economic and environmental implications of a price on carbon.

The 2011 Vice-Chancellor’s Public Debate will bring together an impressive list of speakers, including:
Adam Bandt, Federal Member for Melbourne (Greens)
John Brumby, Former Victorian Premier
Kelly O’Dwyer, Federal Member for Higgins (Liberal Party)
John Roskam, Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs
Victor Finkel, 2011 World Debating Champion and Best Speaker

Refreshments will be served from 5.45 pm, with the debate to commence at 6.30 pm.

It is still possible to access a seat on the night however these will fill up very early so do not be late to avoid disappointment!

If you would like any more information, please contact Kiran Iyer at monash.debaters.sponsorship@gmail.com or on 0408 389 580

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MAD Alumni Intergenerational Trivia Night

With the MAD Alumni Association growing each year, we figured its about time to throw off the formal facade and celebrate this year’s mid-year event in true MAD style with a good old fashioned pub trivia night! With a bar tab and prizes, this promises to be a great chance to catch up with old friends and keep in touch with MAD.

Finally we should be able to find out whether the club truly was smarter in the good old days, or whether it is now better and brighter than ever. We really hope that this night will be a strong springboard for the 50th anniversary dinner next year.

Tickets are $20 and covers what our sponsorship officer, Kiran, promises will be a ‘generous’ bar tab. Feel free to come by before the event to enjoy a pub meal and the Imperial Hotel’s after work drink specials.

You can register as a team (of up to 8 people), or as an individual (we will sit you with others from your generation).

To register, please fill out this form: Form.

You can pay by EFT to the details below. Please make sure to label your deposit. We would appreciate payment by August 8 in order to have certainty about final numbers.
Bank: Westpac Monash Branch
Name: Monash Association of Debaters
BSB: 033 289
Account: 153833

If you have any questions, please call our Sponsorship Officer Kiran Iyer on 0408 389 580, or email him at monash.debaters.sponsorship@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

When: 28th of March, 1pm
Where: TBC – information on the venue will be outlined soon

The EGM will cover elections for several positions, some which are currently vacant and others to which individuals have previously been co-opted. In accordance with our consitution, we are opening the following positions up for election by the members:

  • Treasurer
  • Member Training
  • Monday Meetings
  • Publications

Anybody can apply to these positions, and will be required to give a speech on the day outlining why they would be the ideal candidate for that position. Speaking times for these speeches will be 3 minutes for the position of Treasurer, and 2 minutes for each other positions, descriptions of which follow below:


The role of Treasurer consists of ensuring the financial aspects of the club are taken care of – applying for grants, managing the bank accounts, ensuring MAD cheques are written up and completing audits. David Barda previously occupied this position.

Member Training

This position involves training both new and old members of the club, ensuring MAD maintains the level of talent that helps it dominate the debating stage! This role involves planning a training program for the year and then implementing it, organising Monday night training (and sometimes additional sessions, such as Wednesday Nights) and specifically getting presenters lined up for each of these. The role can also include hosting pre-tournament training days, often jointly with Melbourne. Dominic Guinane previously occupied this position, and Finlay Gustus has been co-opted to this position in the interim.

Monday Meetings

The Monday Meetings officer organises the 1:00pm meetings for MAD – organising speakers, trivia or even sports days! Nicole Franklin previously occupied this position.


Our Publications officer organises Silvertongue, including acquiring articles and confirming printing with Freehills. The role also encompasses other publication tasks, such as designing posters and advertising material so that people know about our events! Carmel Wallis previously occupied this position.

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British Parliamentary Pro-Am Tournament

Life in MAD moves fast! With the conclusion of Australs we’ve also concluded 3-on-3 style debating for the year! Monday training will now focus on British Parliamentary style training!

But there’s no better way to get right into BP debating than through the BP Pro-Am running on August 8 and August 15 (Week 3 and Week 4) in the Law Basement at 5PM.

To participate, you must either be a “pro”, or predictably, an “am” (for amateur). Pros have debated in 2 or more BP tournaments (internal or external) and have not broken at a major tournament (Australs/Worlds). Ams have debated at less than 2 BP tournaments and similarly have not broken at a major tournament. If you have broken at Worlds or Australs you are (with limited exception) excluded from debating in the BP Pro/Am however you are welcome and encouraged to adjudicate to provide your worldly and experienced feedback to younger members of the club!

You can sign up to participate here. If you have any queries, questions, comments or quips feel free to send an email to our delightful internals officer Ashleigh Feurtado.

Looking forward to seeing you all fighting it out for Pro/Am glory in Week 4&5!

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Commencement Dinner

Mark off the 25th of March in your diary – the night the annual Commencement Dinner will take place. One of MADs favourite socials for the year, come to Sofias in Camberwell for some dinner and drinks.

Tickets, priced at $20 for MSA card holders and $25 for everyone else, will be sold during the pizza break on next Monday as well as before the matter session on Wednesday nights. Tickets will also be available on the night.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Interested in commercial law? Special Event at Blake Dawson

Blake Dawson is organising a special workshop for MAD members who are interested in corporate law. This workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about the types of issues which corporate lawyers deal with, meet people from Blake Dawson and enjoy some free drinks and nibbles.

Date: Thursday 13 October
Time: 5.30pm ? 7.30pm (discussion between 5.30pm ? 6.30pm and drinks and nibbles from 6.30pm ? 7.30pm)
Location: Level 26, 181 William Street, Melbourne
Event title: “The life of a commercial lawyer: beyond case law and precedent”
Panellists: Senior lawyers including MADs Kylie Lane will be on the panel
Dress Code: Business
Registration: Spots are limited so please email Kiran Iyer at monash.debaters.sponsorship@gmail.com by Sunday October 9. Everyone is welcome to attend, but preference will be given to law students entering penultimate year’.

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Australs 2011 Update

For those of you who were out of the loop about Australs, we have a few major pieces of news to report!

MAD had the most successful Australs ever, breaking four teams (the maximum allowed under the expanded cap); Monash 1 (breaking first for the third year in a row), 2, 3 and 4, as well as first year adjudicator Katie Heading. Monash 3 and 4 were eliminated in the first round of finals, Monash 2 were defeated by the eventual grand-finalists NUS 1, and Monash 1 lost in a very hard fought semi-final against the eventual winners, Vic 1 (now champions two times in a row). A special mention should also be given to Monash 5, who finished just a few points shy of the break, and Monash 6, who finished at the top of the 4 win bracket.

We also give a massive round of applause Gemma Buckley and Madeline Schultz for finishing equal 6th overall, and to Chris Bisset for finishing second (by a mere 0.5 to the fabulous Elle Jones of Sydney fame).

A big thanks goes out to all of the MADies who took the long trip to get to Korea, but most of all the thanks lies with those who kept up with the tournament back at home; the tweets, emails and Facebook messages kept us going through the brightest days and blackest nights.

Korea Australs certainly set an excellent standard for tournaments in North Asia, and we are massively anticipating Australs 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand!

Stay tuned for more videos, but the tab is now available for those that are interested.

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MAD Footy Tipping Competition

To kick off (hur hur) the new year of AFL, we have started a footy tipping competition! It doesn’t matter whether you lack the luck, skill or knowhow to win an actual game of football: Tipping has nothing to do with any of them! And unlike other tipping competitions, ours comes complete with prizes. Prizes that we promise don’t entirely consist of Nandos vouchers.

To register and join the competition, click Register and join the official tipping game of the AFL.

If you are already a tipping member, you can join this competition by:
1) Go here
2) Select ‘I want to join an existing private competition’ and enter WLJV2YUJ4M in the competition key field.

Be sure to sign up ASAP!

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Australs Adjudicator Trials

If you are interested in going to Australs as an Adjudicator, you need to sit the Adj test. Details can be found below. (You will be tested on a debate that includes replies, so if you have no idea what a reply is please watch the training session before the test.) You can also listen to a debate with replies here

Who: Anyone who is interested in attending this years Australasian Debating Championships in South Korea as an Adjudicator.
What: You will watch a debate and then fill in a test, which will ask you questions about the debate itself, and about the theory of adjudication.
When: Sunday May 15th, starting at 9AM sharp.
Where: Law Basement

You must also submit your adjudicator CV to Amit Golder at amit.golder@gmail.com by 5pm on Friday the 13th of May

If you are interested in getting some debate practice and would like to be in the debate, please email Amit.

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Australs Trials

Australs may still be a far way off, but the deadline for registration is right around the corner! As such, we are advertising for trials earlier than we would have otherwise. Details of the tournament itself are below.


Who: Everyone who is serious about coming to this years Australasian Debating Championships in South Korea. Given the limited number of spots available at trials, please only register your interest if you are prepared to come if you receive a spot. That said, you never know how trials will turn out, so we encourage everyone who thinks they might want to attend the tournament to come along and have a go!

What: Trials are how we decide who gets to debate at Australs. Everyone debates in front of selectors in set positions and then gets a ranking. That ranking determines how much sponsorship you get, as well as whether or not you get a spot.

When: 14th and 15th of May, with a potential first stage on the 8th of May depending on demand. Please note: People who have broken as debaters at an Australs or a Worlds will not be required to do a stage on the 8th of May, should that eventuate. Everyone else will be required to keep that date free also until we can confirm demand and thus decide if that stage will be required.

Where: Monash University, Clayton

Interested? Just fill out the form and we’ll email you with a reminder closer to the date!

The Tournament

The Australasian Debating Championship is the most prestigious 3-on-3 tournament in the world, and the biggest tournament in the region. Monash has a long and proud tradition of success at the tournament, having won the tournament in 2009 when we hosted it, and won best speaker of the tournament last year in Auckland.

Dates: 6th-14th of July
Location: South Korea
Cost: $500 AUD approx for Registration (Accommodation and food etc) and around $1500 for flights

If you have any questions, please email our Externals officer Gemma Buckley at monash.debaters.externals@gmail.com!

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Exciting BCG Scholarship Opportunity

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is currently accepting applications for two presitgious undergraduate scholarships, valued at $15,000 each!

BCG is seeking applications from high-performing, penultimate year students from any discipline to partake in the scholarship program.

The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. This amazing opportunity is not to be missed!

To learn more about BCG and the scholarship application process, please see their website: www.bostonconsulting.com.au

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Semester One 2011 Wrap Up

The end of Semester 1 has come! This means that debating will not be running on Monday and Wednesday nights until Semester 2! Sadness! With exams fast approaching, I’m sure we can all enjoy the time out from our hectic debating and university combined schedules to get some study in though!

Over the break, MAD will be sending its Australs 2011 Contingent to South Korea!. We wish them all the best in what is sure to be a hard fought and entertaining tournament in the heart of Asia.

A massive thank you goes out to everyone who helped bring MAD an amazing and successful 6 months, which was kicked off with a bang winning Botswana Worlds, and the success kept coming with MAD winning Easters for the first time in 17 years! Many thanks to all the club members and alumni who were able to provide invaluable training, support, entertainment and help in getting our contingents into fighting shape! MAD would not and could not be as great as it is without its amazing member and alumni base. Thank you!

That’s all from MAD for semester one. Stay tuned for results from Australs and get excited for a new semester with a new debating style – British Parliamentary!

All the best, MAD

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Monash Debating Review Volume 9 is released

Click here to download Volume 9 of the Monash Debating Review.The highlights of Volume 9 include:

A concise introduction to debates about economics by Worlds Semi-Finalist Harish Natarajan;
A feature article examining potential options for expanding the Worlds break by Eric Barnes, Andy Hume and Steven Johnson;
A fascinating look at Rwandan debating by World Champion Will Jones

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Post O-Week News:

Hey everyone, with O-Week just over there’s stillsome things you can do.

1. Sign up at the first training session if you haven’t already
2. Check out the newly redesigned MAD Office
3. First Years: Check this out: First year info

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Regressive: 21st May, 7PM

MAD’s biggest and best social event of the year is coming up so make sure you don?t miss out! Regressive is a comedy debate night where the debate goes backwards, starting with the adjudication and ending with the first speakers. Sound confusing? It is, but you’ll get the hang of it and, unlike most debates, even if you don?t get what?s going on it will still be heaps of fun! Best of all, this format gives all the speakers the chance to dare people into doing stuff during the night, with possibly awkward but inevitably hilarious results! We’ve even hired a venue to make the event bigger and better than ever before!

Not only does the debate run backwards, but the evening will begin with dessert and end with entr?es, with alcohol flowing throughout!

While there is no cost for this event, individuals are asked to contribute in the following ways (sharing is caring!!!):

Exec Members: Bring the Main Course
First Years: Bring Dessert (Be Creative!)
Second Years and above: Please bring snacks/entr?e/softdrink.
Alumni: Bring alcohol! Even a couple of bottles of cheap wine would be great, or a slab if you are feeling generous!

Everyone: Due to having to pay to hire a venue we are somewhat limited in the amount of alcohol we are supplying (though we still promise a few slabs and lots of punch), but if you?re planning to get good and drunk (like we all should be) we strongly suggest supplementing with BYO!

The address, amazing speakers and killer topic will be announced in next week?s Tastebud and on the website so stay tuned!

Regressive 2011 promises to be a night to remember and the Exec looks forward to seeing all club members, past and present, there!

Your accurate and prompt RSVP via the Facebook event is much appreciated.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please contact the inimitable Bec Lew at monash.debaters.socials@gmail.com

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Ordinary General Meeting (OGM)

As per the latest edition of Silvertongue (which will be posted online soon), we will be holding an OGM at the beginning of our normal Monday Meeting at 12:30pm on the 16th of May. We want to get through the meeting as quickly as possible to get to Rounds 5 and 6 of Sorensen, so please make sure to get there on time!

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MAD Mini 2012 website is up

MAD Mini is back for a third year running. More information will be posted when it becomes available. But to keep fully up to date, check out the website, follow them on Twitter and join the Facebook group.
The essential details are….
When: 10th-12th of February 2012
Style: – 3 on 3 debating with POIs
Where: Monash University Caulfield
Organising Committee:
Convenor – Stephen Moore
CA – Gemma Buckley, Women’s 2011 Grand-Finalist, Australs 2011 Semi-Finalist and (equal) 7th best speaker, Worlds 2011 Semi-Finalist
DCA – Ed Miller, Winner and Best Speaker of UNSW IV, Quarter-Finalist at Australs 2011
And more. Check out the website for full details.

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Summer Wrap Up Vol. 3

And so another year has begun and things are WELL under way for everyone here at MAD. So, what’ve you missed?

1. Tastebud You can grab Tastebud 1 (MAD Summer fun) here and Tastebud 1 1/2 (Reminder!!!) here.

2. Easters News Head on over to the National Competitions page to check out the latest Easters news and apply for a spot!

3. Monash Mini If you haven’t registered yourself a team yet, hurry up and do it! Rego closes 15th of this month so get on it. Register!

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Bain Scholarship Opportunity

Bain & Company Australia is pleased to announce its inaugural undergraduate scholarship. Our scholarship aims to support bright, enthusiastic individuals who possess a strong desire to make significant impact in the world around them.

Eligibility requirements
We are looking for students who are:
– Able to demonstrate a passion for results
– Able to point to specific examples of leadership and success in a team environment
– Strong communicators both in person and in writing
– Within the top 5% of students in their class
– In their penultimate year of an undergraduate degree (i.e. expecting to graduate at the end of 2012 or mid 2013) at top Australian universities
– Australian citizens or residents for work purposes

To apply and learn more about this opportunity visit http://www.bain.com/scholarship
Application deadline: Sunday 21 August 2011

To learn more about the scholarship click through to the flyer

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Sorensen Grand Final

The Grand Final of the Martin Sorensen Competition will be held this Tuesday evening!

Where: Blake Dawson, 181 William Street, Melbourne
When: Tuesday 24th May, 5:30PM
Who: Everyone!

The Grand Final of the Martin Sorensen Competition is proudly sponsored by Blake Dawson who have been kind enough to provide the venue for the Grand Final. We hope to see you all there on Tuesday!

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Victory at 2011 New Zealand BP competition

Congratulations to Amit Golder and Kiran Iyer for winning the 2011 New Zealand BP competition in Auckland. After coming first on the ladder after 6 rounds, they made it through a semi final to the Grand Final, and in an impressive 4/1 split, won. The topic for the final was This House believes newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to run for office.
The best speaker for the tournament was Amit Golder. Congratulations to both Kiran and Amit for their success.

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In a stunning feat of skill, charisma and FACTS, Monash has, once again and for the first time in a massive 10 year low, WON the Worlds University Debating Championship. Coming to glory in the final round from opening government, Victor Finkel and Fiona Prowse triumphed. However, that’s not to say our other teams didn’t do swimmingly.


Sending 5 teams, MAD managed to break the first three. Monash B – made up of Gemma Buckley and Madeline Schultz – were knocked out in the quarter finals while Monash C – Kiran Iyer and Ravi Dutta – made it through to the octo-finals.

Monash D – James Beavis and Nicole Franklin – alongside Monash E – Andrew Black and Tim Whiting – both managed to rank in the top 20% of teams.


In terms of adjudicators, MAD also enjoyed great success with Nita Rao, Christ Bisset, Tim Jeffrie and Luke McGravy all managing to break.

All in all, Worlds 2011 will be one to go down in MAD history. Thanks to everyone who went, cheered on and, especially, live tweeted the finals.

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Easters Teams

The wait is finally over (or maybe you already knew!). Easters teams have been decided and here they are!

Monash 1
Tim Whiting
Ahmed Hamidi
Hiba Marfhour
Monash 2
Josh Goodwill
Rohan Waring
Ambritha De Silva
Monash 3
Sasha Lytas
Finlay Gustus
Yan Kok
Kiran Iyer
Gemma Buckley
Jacqui Duong
Madeline Schultz
Luke McGreevy
Oscar De Lorenzo
Scott Dawson
Alex Mirt
Jarryd Redwood
Ben Holland
Sahil Bhasin
Matthew Wilbraham
Monash 4
James Beavis
Katy Moore
Katie Heading
Monash 5
Colette Mintz
Dinesh De Abrew
Rebecca Irvine
Monash 6
Chris Bisset
Allan Quanchi
Sam Scott
Monash 7
Stephen Moore
Andrew Gaulke
Hannah Denson
Monash 8
Meredith Prior
Sam Myers
James Leach
Monash 9
Ash Feurtado
Michael Beukelman
Sarah Christie
Monash 10
Sam Whitney
Duncan Wallace
Nikhil Puppala
Monash 11
Aj Rawson
Shimeng Zhang
Nisha Dutta
Monash 12
Liz Park
Matthew Guy
Bec Lew
Monash 13
Gabriella Bornstein
Melissa Kennedy
Cameron Tantau

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Easters 2011

For those of you who missed the results of the Australian National Debating Championships, we have some amazing news for you. But first, take a seat; it?s a big one.

For the first time in 17 long years, the Monash Association of Debaters has WON Easters: Team 6, in an extremely close, hard fought Grand Final, emerged VICTORIOUS against ANU 1. The next time you see Sam Scott, Allan Quanchi or Chris Bisset, be sure to give them a massive pat on the back, and join us next weekend for Post-Easters!

In addition to this monumental success, Chris Bisset, with an average of 78.5, was the BEST SPEAKER at the tournament.

We also had a huge number of other participants break at the tournament; Monash 3, consisting of Sasha Lytas, Finlay Gustus and Yan Kok, and Monash 8, consisting of Meredith Prior, Sam Myers and James Leach, both also progressed to the finals. Kiran Iyer, Gemma Buckley, Jacqui Duong, Melissa MATTEO!!!, Madeline Schultz and Amit Golder also all broke as adjudicators.

We?d like to thank Gemma Buckley, our externals officer, for making it all possible, the Easters 2011 organising committee, especially MAD?s own Amit Golder and Lynton Gunn, for making the tournament happen, and, of course, our stellar contingent for making the tournament such a success!

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2011 end of season (warm up) Minis

Whether you’re warming up for Worlds or Wupid, or wanting to get some last minute debates in before a long debating-parched summer, now is the time to sign up for a Mini!
Melbourne Mini will be running between the 2nd – 4th December and Sydney Mini will be following the week afterwards from the 9th – 11th December .
Click here to find out more information about each tournament.
Any general questions though can be directed to Gemma Buckley at monash.debaters.externals@gmail.com

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Monash Debating Review

The Monash Debating Review is now free to download.
Featuring a bunch of great articles, it’s not only an interesting read but a great way to procrastinate.

Grab it here. Other editions, as well as more info about this one, can be found under the MDR menu right above this post on the order page.

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2012 Exec Budget Meeting

The next meeting for the 2012 Executive will be the Buget Meeting on Tuesday 6th December, 6:30pm (location TBA).
Email secretary@monashdebaters.com for the location or further information.

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Summer Wrap Up Vol. 2


MAD performed spectacularly at WUPID breaking EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the contingent.

Monash 1, 2 and 4 (Madeline & Gemma, Beavis & Nicole and Luke & Rhys respectively) broke to quarter finals while Monash 3 (Amit and Meredith) broke to the grand final. Mel, Blackie and Finlay also broke as adjudicators.

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MAD Mini 2012 applications

In the voice our our prestigous secretary, Stephen Moore

As MAD Mini Convenor for 2012, I?d like to bring your attention to MAD?s most prestigious (and only) mini! Running in late February, just before the start of semester, MAD Mini boasts a fantastic atmosphere, old hacks, drinking, debating and a great opportunity to start off the new year with a bang!

In order to make it happen, and as the end of semester rapidly approaches; we are currently looking for a number of applicants to fill the positions on the committee. Whether you have experienced or not we?d love to have you, so please email secretary@monashdebaters.com if you?re interested.

Please include a brief summary of the positions you would be interested in and any relevant experience (though none is necessary!). The positions descriptions themselves were emailed out in the last Tastebud. Please remember that submissions must be received by Friday the 28th of October at 5pm, so get them in soon to avoid missing out!

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Summer Wrap Up Vol. 1

Sydney Mini

As the mini season and series of pre-worlds tournaments drew to a close, MAD was again a dominant force at Sydney Mini.
Monash A (Fiona and Victor) broke 1st and narrowly lost the grand final while Monash D (James and Nicole) made it to the semi finals. Amit Golder (debating with MUDsian Seamus Coleman) also made it to the grand-final and was named best speaker of the tournament with Victor and Fiona also ranking in the top ten.

Our adjudicators Chris Bisset and Tim Jeffrie also judged the grand-final of Sydney Mini.

Congratulations to everyone to participated in the MAD contingents, the highlight of which would have to be the incredible volume achieved in singing Julian’s final rendition of the MAD anthem.

Good luck to all the Worlds teams and adjudicators!

Melbourne Mini

Monash has put in yet another strong performance at Melbourne Mini with several of our teams breaking to the finals. Monash A (Victor and Fiona) broke first and narrowly lost the grand final, while Monash B (Gemma and Madeline) and Chris Bisset (debating with MUDsian Steph D’Souza) made it to the semi-finals. Our adjudicators also dominated, with Carmel Wallis, Dom Guinane, David Barda and Nicole Franklin judging the grand final.

Individual achievements were another highlight with Fiona and Victor ranked best and second best speakers of the tournament respectively; while Tim Jeffrie and Amit Golder also ranked in the top ten.

MAD Triumphs Overseas

MAD has dominated at several international pre-Worlds tournaments in the lead up to Botswana. Monash A (Fiona and Victor) are the reigning champions of the Cambridge IV, defeating 106 teams including Yale, Oxford and Sydney. The weekend before saw Fiona and Chris Bisset reach the semi-finals of the Oxford IV, again defeating many of the Ivy League teams in the competition.

Meanwhile, across the Tasman, Monash B (Ravi and Kiran) were the grand-finalists at the NZ British Parliamentary Debating Championships in Wellington.

Fiona & Ravi both individually ranked in the Top 10 Speakers at each of the respective tournaments.

Congratulations to all the teams on a stunning performance!

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